Howareya world... or 'some other programming and writing mistakes I've made'


A: Almost academic writing / works & papers or stuff.


Pundit Poetry Generator.

Soccer players claim they do all their talking on the pitch

But what if you could decide what was said.


BoB Casio's Dead Cameraman.

(A single page interactive comedy mystery)

it looks bawdy - you click the keywords, read & figure why,


Don't ever forget real people.


Pale Fire Reflections (off-line)

Active critisim of one of my favorite novels




Promise: the Annals of the four webmasters.

Myth, Mick and Magic.

(this work was selected for on-line publication

in 2008 by The New River Journal )


5 Lines of Inquiry.

Who knows anything when it comes

to understanding or promotong digital literature .



Open mouthed poetry.



now why would anyone in their right mind want to copyright stuff like this ? 2008 (c)