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  1. Read some really extensive slobber about how important I think I'm not.. maybe not
  2. Have a gander at some sorta fancy flash menu lad - needs flash player 8 at least.
  3. Attempts at straightforward Plain, Simple & fast Text Links to clevercelts *Stuff*
  4. List of blogs/comments elsewhere from clevercelt - warning: occasional rants
  5. discussion forum (currently private - coz I'm not finished making them yet)
  6. Stuff that's genuinely interesting elsewhere on the net. Send me links
  7. Flogging my stuff here. Wanna buy old theatre lights maybe ?
  8. Local Yokel stuff anseo, the ole sod, el paso &all dat.


After your numbered bullets above

please find below some old

fashioned letters for

your perusal



A: Almost academic writing / works & papers or stuff.

B: Bandwagon Games: My personal digital media migraine.

C: Comedy, Humor & mental Illness, nuttin' funny about them.

D: Digital writers, their role today - a sort of semiotic salad roll - with cheese ?.

E: English M8 - right it proper like, txt links n tings 4 writers.

F: Fookin' Dublin me arse, or centre of the universe me whole roight.

G: God, the universe, women & other things I don't understand.

H: Have a thought for others less fortunate than us, the thought costs nothing.

F: Find new, experiments, research, innovation, style ole bean u know.



Don't ever forget real people.




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