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10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\nI am going to fucking send Digiwank my real prototype RIP virus, I'm not taking this shit from anyone\n- 1010101\n\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\nThen why the fuck are you posting that fact up here for those pricks to see it, jasus ?\n- 1010101\n\n\n101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010\nCome on folks lets get things in perspective here, there's no need to get carried away\n- 101010101\n\n\n1010101010101010101\nShane's right fuck them\n- 1010101\n\n\n101\nYes\n- 01010101\n\n\n1010\nfuck\n- 0101010\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010\nYou know I've been reading through this entire site and came across the name Robert Counter, do you think he might be bob casio, you know calculator etc ?\n-0101010101\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\nMaybe thats why he can't post here, because it warns that all posts are I.P. Logged ? and Robert Counter is a site admin assistant.\n-01010101\n\n1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\nLeaves to the ground, such is the fate of men, so says Marcus Aurelius\n-010\n\n1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\nBob you prick, did you really think you were going to get away with this?\n-10101010\n\n101010101010101010101010101010101\nMust have logged on from an Internet cafe.\n-01010101\n
CleverCelt are currently running a digital fiction competition in association with DIGITALk\n\nIf you are checking for your progression to see if you are one of the [[Finalists]] in this competition then please do not attempt to send [[Messages]] directly to DIGITALk, all correspondence should be confined to on-line communications through the official competition website only.
...[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Loudhailer.gif]]\n\nClevercelt Creative Communities have been instructed by DIGITALk to suspend this competition due to current levels of media attention.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nNo further announcements will be made and no further correspondence will be entered into.\n\nThank you to our [[Finalists]] and all who entered.\n\n[[Kate Thomas]]
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Loudhailer.gif]]\nClevercelt Creative Communities have been instructed by DIGITALk to suspend this competition due to current levels of media attention.\nNo further announcements will be made and no further correspondence will be entered into.\n\nThank you to our [[Finalists]] and all who entered.\n\n[[Kate Thomas]]
\n...[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Loudhailer.gif]]\n\nFollowing from other successful uses of new media technology and the wise crowds in the shadow of the long tail:\n\nDIGITALk communications enterprises has teamed up with clevercelt creative communities to bring you \n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n\nTHE DIGITALK FICTION DESIGN COMPETITION. \n\nWe will shortly be announcing the prizes, rules and Judges. \n\nPlease feel free to contact us if you have any initial queries.
...[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Loudhailer.gif]]\n\nYou may have noticed that we have now added a rules section for the [[DIGITALk]] competition.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n\nHowever following from a number of criteria, we are also making all entrants aware of the submission judging criteria.\n\nJudging criteria will be:\n\nIdeas content.\n\nCreativity.\n\nDigital Innovation.\n\nRules conformity.\n\n\nAll entries must be submitted to this site by January 1st 2008.\n\nJudging will take place over the following two weeks and ten lucky finalists will be announced on January 7th 2008.\n\nJudges' Decision is final.\n\nEntrants waive all rights to their work and copyright will reside with DIGITALk\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n
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DIGITALk - all your technology and communication needs.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nDIGITALk is now the planet's premiere communications company, we specialize in every form of communication, mobile, fixed line, leased networks, data and satellite communications. We recently entered the entertainment and digital media production industry with a number of strategic acquisitions including - 321ignition digital design company. Parachute Media. Soundscapers International Audio production House. littleyellowlollipop Productions. Manga et trois Comics. mycustomer CRM solutions. Breakingwaves Digital Publishers. Innobation Sciences. Gameuser Networks. Follow Search Technologies.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nDIGITALk have also recently acquired:\nIdentity.com, petdating.com, mobilemayhem.com, Wallpaperpatterns.com, bigdecisions.com, mathsmenu.com, Lifedeedsigns.com, CleverCelt.com, eyeFilms.com, Pictureperfection.com, and Zorkodork.com the hugely successful social networking site. \n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nWith world renowned global entrepreneur Rodger Du Ger at our helm, DIGITALk continues to grow and innovate at levels previously unseen in any Industry.\n [img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n"This company is a stellar performer with an aggressive acquisitions strategy " says Ron Mooney (formerly of Newsweek, Time and the WSJ) chief correspondent of the Financial weekly news Website: Cashandfinancematters.com \n\nDIGITALk has reported exponential increases in profits since it's inception in 1999. Stating annual profits of 142 million dollars in the financial year 2004 -2005 alone. \n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nCopyright DIGITALk 2007. No part of these communication may be reproduced without prior written permission, failure to adhere to trademark and copyright laws will result in legal action being taken on behalf of DIGITALk. \n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\nIf you are checking on your progression to see if you have been chosen as one of the lucky [[Finalists]] in the DIGITALk Clevercelt digital fiction design competition then please do not attempt to send [[Messages]] directly to DIGITALk, all correspondence should be confined to on-line communications through the official competition website only.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]
[[Competition Announcement]]
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DIGITALk and Clevercelt Creative Communities are proud to announce the ten shortlisted finalists for the inaugural DIGITALk Fiction Design Competition\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n\nNO........FINALIST.......................................TITLE OF SUBMISSION....................................................................................MECs TRACKING NUMBERS\n\n1...........Martin Dean ..................................Book Burning and other Creative Relaxing Aesthetic Pleasures.........................275...\n\n2...........Tina Horriton..................................Friendly works number three......................................................................................038...\n\n3...........Tabitha Earl...................................Nanopoem Cubed.........................................................................................................088...\n\n4...........Jill Wiseman ................................21012 degrees of inner choice....................................................................................022...\n \n5...........Simon Quinn.................................The beholders empty eye.............................................................................................041...\n\n6...........Shane August................................(RIP) Reception – Injection – Perfection...................................................................027...\n\n7...........Diane Herrera ...............................miraculous stimulus of genius..................................................................................105...\n\n8...........Alfredo Montoya.............................Colors noises make.....................................................................................................086...\n\n9...........Brian Burroughs............................out for a fag.....................................................................................................................072...\n\n10.........Bob Casio......................................Dead Cameraman........................................................................................................357...\n\n\n.
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Private_area.gif]]\n\nThe DIGITALk Forums are a private area for discussion and workshopping between chosen [[Finalists]] only.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]
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Welcome to the inter - finalist communications pages. Please feel free to edit and post to this wiki page if you are among the finalists.\n\nWas it compulsory to enter under our own real name? \n- Simon. Q.\n\nDiane, I think your piece is intelligent and very innovative, but it really does remind me of the life of Simone Weil and specifically the greek phrase associated with her ‘en hypomene’ meaning ‘waiting in patience’, which is obviously what we all have to do for the results of this competition. \n– Jill W.\n\nGood work everyone, may the best (wo)man win. \n- Martin D.\n\nA(wo)men to dat Martin\n- Diane H.\n\nJust to let you know, my piece is completely and totally fictional, I’ve never been to Newcastle or San Francisco for that matter and I’m not in any way interested in homosexuality, it’s just an idea that popped into my head for this competition. \n- Brian B.\n\nLet’s keep the head outta this Brian lol.\n- Tina H.\n\nSimon, I didn’t see anything in the rules about real names or identity or anything like that, obviously if you win the competition, you’d want your real name to get the publicity.\n- Shane A.\n\nAlfredo, I also found your piece fascinating, reminiscent of The Optophonic Piano, an electronic optical instrument created by the Russian Futurist painter Vladimir Baranoff Rossiné in 1916, it's also evocative of the Alexander Scriabin’s work Prometheus from 1915. It was only ever performed once and he died aged 43 before that happened.\n(Christoph Grunernberg and Jonathan Harris wrote about this in their book, Summer of Love: Psychedelic Art, Social Crisis and Counterculture in the 1960s) I suppose we do come to understand that we are standing on the shoulders of giants and merely retelling many stories of the past.\n- Jill W.\n\nThank you Jill, I just want to wish everyone luck and say I feel humble and honored to be in such talented company.\n- Alfredo M.\n\nHi everyone, I do hope the world is treating you all ok, I’m pretty happy and very productive at the moment, which, like the weather is liable to change as you know, but then I ‘m rather lucky having many more great days than ok days or even bad days. and it’s really great that we can all get along and appreciate each others hard work, insight and talent. My own piece took a long time to conceive and I’m not sure whether it really my best digital poetry or if it’s even digital fiction, or quite finished yet but I do love the language and the power of opportunity, the grace of people and the joy of communication. Just want to genuinely wish everyone success and lets keep in touch after the competition whoever wins.\n- Tabitha E.\n\nI’m not sure whether your piece RIP is to be taken seriously or is some kinda fantasy Mister August?\n- Brian B.\n\nWatch out Shane, he’s on about fantasy already o-;\n- Tina H.\n\nThanks Tina, LOL, It’s actually very serious Brian but that’s not what’s concerning me at the moment, I was just reviewing all the entries through the [[Messages]] board and I have to say I’m shocked by Bob Casio’s Dead Cameraman. \nBob have you any comments to make ?\n- Shane A.\n\nHey I just read his MEC357, there’s something very wrong going on there.\n- Jill W..\n\nWots this scumbag think he’s up to, how did he know what to enter?\n- Diane H. \n\nI strongly object to Bob’s entry, not only on creative grounds but on ethics grounds too, just what are the judges playing at letting him do that ?\n- Alfredo M.\n\nWow, he can’t do that, that image is not what my piece is about, how could he reduce my sexual complexity down to that?\n- Brian B.\n\nFuck your sexual complexity Brian, he’s stolen all our ideas.\n- Tina H.\n\nWhile I am also enraged by Bob Casio’s Dead Cameraman, I would venture there is little we can do about it.\n- Martin D.\n\nWe still haven’t heard from Bob Casio yet.\n- Simon Q.\n\nBob, Wots the jack with you stealing everyone else's ideas you shit for brains\n- Diane H.\n\nit's my view that we should try to do something about this, its utterly outrageous that our work and by extension our personal truths should be exploited like this.\n- Tabitha E.\n\nWell I'm not fucking taking this lying down...\n- Shane A.\n\nSo wots your plan then Genuis ?\n- Tina H.\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\n- 1010101\n\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\n- 1010101\n\n\n101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010\n- 101010101\n\n\n1010101010101010\n- 1010101\n\n101\n- 01010101\n\n1010\n- 0101010\n\n10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010\n-0101010101\n\n1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010\n-01010101\n\n1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\n-010\n\n1010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101\n-10101010\n\n101010101010101010101010101010101\n-01010101\n\nFollowing from further investigations DIGITALk have censored and [[Archived]] some encrypted messages from this portion of the site for use by our legal team in any future proceedings.
I'm Jim! I manage the http://TuddlyWikiTips.com site as well as several other "tips" sites including;\n*http://JimsTips.com\n*http://GmailTips.com\n*http://MoxiTips.com\n\nand my personal site:\n*http://jim.barr.net\n\nI can be contacted via email at: jim@barr.net
The judges for the inaugural DIGITALk digital fiction design competition have been announced.\n\nThis years Judges are:\n\nProfessor Alison King\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Judge1.gif]]\n\nFollowing her graduation from Kings College Oxford with a degree in English Literature, Professor King moved to Harvard to gain an MBA . She later transfered to Yale for a P h D in Philosophy, before spending two years teaching photography at the Sorbonne in Paris. Leaving Paris for MIT, where she was to excel in their first offering of ' Doctor of Computing'. Professor King led the 'significant digital' research group before moving to spend two further years at UCLA heading up their screen writing department. She was offered the position of Professor of Creative Innovation at New York State University and while in NYSU she established the heavyweight literary agency TKW (Turner King & Wilks). She was awarded the honorary chair of International Literature by the Goethe Institute. Her first anthology of Poetry: 'and then there was me' is second only to Rumi in terms of sales in America. She is a creative consultant to ILM (Industrial Light and Magic), the animation house; Pixar and Warner Brothers Films. She has made an album of Romanian Love Songs, Several of her free hand charcoal drawings have been purchased by Charles Saatchi. She has written twelve successful novels under the pen name Joy Mates. She is currently collaborating on a new creation for the New York Metropolitan Opera House.\n\nRobert Subtle\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Robert_Subtle.gif]]\nRobert is chief acquisitions strategist for DIGITALk \n \nStewart Bumblesworth.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/StewartB.gif]]\nStewart is a contemporary classical and Jazz composer with no formal training and no academic qualifications. Stewart began to play violin aged four, by the age of nine he had mastered Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass Guitar. His piano skills were already regarded as concert maestro material. Stewart moved into electric guitars and electronic keyboards aged sixteen, completing his first full award winning film score for the independent film 'weirded in' in 1976. Stewart continued to experiment with various instruments and very successfully mastered most of the woodwind sections before his twenty first birthday. Aged twenty one he formed the punk supergroup 'Disband' and toured the world thrashing guitars, drum kits and hotel rooms. The band itself disbanded in 1980 following unpublished allegations.Stewart moved to Vienna and focused on his classical composing career for several years. Stewart has also written songs for Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Bruce Springteen, Sting, Prince and Michael Jackson. Stewart retired from public life in the early 1990's so we are indeed privileged to have him as one of our judges. \n\nCompetition Staff\nKate Thomas - Executive in Charge\nMark Brighthead - Marketing liaison\nJane Malone - Logistics\nMolly Waters - web master\nCharles A. Lott - Office Manager\nJennifer Dawson - Administrator\nRobert Counter - Assistant Administrator\n.\n.\n\n\n
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/KT.gif]]\nKate is currently non executive director and virtual vice-president of clevercelt. \nKate enjoyed a hugely successful career as a writer and educator before entering digital media publishing with world renowned digital and literary agency TKW (Turner King & Wilks). Kate left TKW for the post of vision adviser to the United Nations, later moving to serve as expert adviser to the senate select committee on creativity and humanity. Kate Thomas has homes in Monte Carlo, Paris, Milan, Utah, Melbourne and Shanghai.
Message Entry Confirmation to: 105\nAuthor: Diane Herrera \nYour Project Title: miraculous stimulus of genius\nTarget Format: multimedia with multicast performance pieces using florescent lights and lasers and a website for archival purposes.\nWord Count: 250\nImage: Mock-up\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/105.gif]]\n\nMegan Bradley, born in Lyon in March 1909 to an Irish father and french Mother, qualified as a teacher of philosophy at the age of 21. She later served with the Spanish republican Army. In 1941 she was called to England from America to a post with the French Provisional Government, while there she wrote the commissioned study ‘le besoin de connaissance’ later to be translated and posthumously published as the book ‘the need for knowledge’. \nMegan fell ill in England but refused to accept any more than the rations afforded her compatriots in occupied France. Her health deteriorated but she continued to write. When she died, she left a series of personal notebooks and reflections on the collisions between epistemology and faith. I have written five poems based on those recently translated journals. \nThe Digital Fiction piece will be created using the recorded audience responses to multicast performances of these poems on florescent tubing used during the choreographed physical performances. The motif of light and illumination, fear and faith will pervade all these performances.\nEach member of the audience will be given an opportunity to offer unfiltered, unprompted and unedited responses or reactions to the work. These responses will then be transcribed. The keywords faith or knowledge in the transcriptions will determine the binary state of a large blue bulb. The binary will then be translated to Morse code and words and sentences constructed. These will then be placed on the newly created website entitled: Repository of reactive wisdom.\n\n
\nMEC 022 Message Entry Confirmation to: 022 \nAuthor: Jill Wiseman \nYour project Title:21012 degrees of inner choice.\nTarget Format: An interactive experience in Shockwave 3D\nWord Count: 214\nImages: Well this is just a rough sketch just to let you contextualise the concept\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/022.gif]]\nI envisage a mirrored reality, where tension and conflict co-exist with understanding and relief, constructed using adobe shockwave 3D. \nThere is a large room divided by a single separator. \nOn one side of the large room, the walls are polished to a mirror quality. \nOn the opposite side of the room are a series of bookshelves containing the full cannon of theoretical knowledge and existing works in the field of transliteracy.\nThe room separator recedes and the viewer/user assumes it POV (Point Of View) with a swift and fluid movement of the screen. \nA large micrometer appears which can be manipulated by the user across all three axis using a mouse. \nIf the micrometer is pointed towards the transliteracy wall, words begin to enter the space within the Micrometer and flow towards the mirror, the words slide from the mirror to the floor and disappear. \nIf the micrometer is aimed towards the mirror the words are sucked from the bookshelves ‘through reflections from’ the mirror and ricochet back to increase the volume of information in the bookshelves. The knob on the micrometer can be adjusted to determine the flow of words or the rate of erasure. \nThe whole experience stops when the room is either completely full or entirely empty. \n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 027\nAuthor: Shane August\nYour Project Title: (RIP) Reception – Injection – Perfection \nTarget Format: C, Javascript, machine code & plain text mix for all platforms.\nWord Count: 250\nImage: Yup\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/027.gif]]\nDouble Byte SQL injectors are not new hacker technology. A known technique that’s been around for a while. All types of Viruses, Trojans and Worms roam the internet, the www and seemingly secure private and academic networks. SQL is the most common form of database management language but Structured Query Language has a number of other vulnerabilities which are not common knowledge. I have developed the RIP project with a view to further developing this constructive anti -virus to infect millions of global web pages, websites, pcs and Macs with story snippets, a happy links module and an immediate Kill switch. \nThe RIP virus is self mutating and has an inherent intelligent agent subroutine embedded within it, it is capable of infecting 98.7% of modern personal computers and has a higher levels of encryption algorithms than Department of Defense Networks anywhere in the world. RIP has the ability to locate, hyperlink and later distribute information in images, emails and letters on the host computer and transmit this information to other instances of the anti-virus that are active, thus a huge number of stories can be built from real people, real communications, real images and real events occurring as the virus is acting.\nRIP pops up in a browser window and let’s the user know that it is operating on that machine. Part of the pop-up contains a large red Kill Button. If the user presses this button the Virus self destructs and ceases to function. That’s the plan anyway. \n
MEC 275 Message Entry Confirmation to: 275\nAuthor: Martin Dean \nYour Project Title: Book Burning and other Creative Relaxing Aesthetic Pleasures.\nTarget Format: Interactive Flash Animation\nWord Count: 249\nimages: mock-up only\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/275.gif]]\n\nMy story concerns a prominent book publisher and well known supporter of the arts. His name is Samuel Joyce a mover and shaker in London's inner literary circles. This digital fiction begins with a gossip columnist’s blog called: "Dee Wright: Word in your ear." Dee starts to speculate on her blog as to why Samuel Joyce has appeared to have gone missing from the literary scene. His absence and later potential sightings are reported on Dee's blog by friends, rivals and former colleagues. Samuel has also apparently left the publishing house. A bombshell hits when Samuel himself contacts Dee via her comments page on her website. Samuel confirms that he has indeed become heavily involved with book burning and asks if Dee would like to join him. Website traffic increases with rants, denouncements of such a transformation and invective aimed at Samuel and Dee. Outrage spills into main media, headlines asking 'how could a man so dedicated to literature now be burning books? Samuel should be jailed or flogged or both. Dee’s site is suspended. Talk of his deplorable behaviour dominates every gathering of writers. A petition is raised and brought to the English parliament, demanding the activities of Samuel Joyce and Dee Wright be investigated by the police. Dee’s website once again becomes active. Surprisingly all of the text has disappeared to be replaced by a single photographic image of both Dee and Samuel sitting at a PC burning books onto CD for distribution to the third world.
\nMessage Entry Confirmation to: 357\nAuthor: Bob Casio\nYour Project Title: Dead Cameraman\nTarget Format: Flash Project File \nWord Count: 250\nImages: As described\n\nIn a short FLV (flash video) a man on a crowded street stumbles and falls to the ground.\nThe camera around his neck settles on his chest. An animation zooms into the back of the camera’s interface where we are presented with the camera’s calculator style interface. We can see through this viewfinder of the camera. Pressing a button on the interface loads one of the following images onto that viewfinder.\n\n1. . . . An image of a micrometer measuring a brain.\n\n2. . . . An Image of a book burning while a cd within it remains unscathed.\n\n3. . . . An image of a child’s birthday cake with a mustache.\n\n4. . . . An Image of a person lying on the floor of a white room with the following words written on the walls and ceiling in large black letters: \n. . . . . Success, Strife, Sex, Scarcity, Security.\n\n5. . . . An image of a Blue Bulb within a tear.\n\n6. . . . An image of a Rainbow colored saxophone.\n\n7. . . . An image of the classic Virus logo but with a smile added.\n\n8. . . . An image of an oversize cigarette packet containing penises.\n\n9. . . . An image of a cube within a cube within a cube and the word poem written on all three cubes in different fonts.\n\n10. . . . An image of Kenji Nagai.\n\nReal life is meaner than fiction.\n\n\n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 038\nAuthor: Tina Horriton \nYour Project Title: Friendly works number three.\nTarget Format: Quicktime AV Format\nWord Count: 215\nImage: Yes, Included.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/038.gif]]\nThe following Audio Narration over Chaotic Children's Party Footage:\nTrying to stand on my hands hurt my back, bruised my pride, caused blood to rush to my head. I came around to understand I was with my two friends. It was a party and everyone seemed to be singing at me. I wondered why my thoughts were so short. I saw a big fresh cream cake with 9 candles on it. I heard a dog barking in the window. I could get that winey smell. It wasn't even night time. I turned to pet the dog. It was a girl on her hands and knees pretending to be a dog. She made the barking sound again so I petted her. She smiled and said she would be my friend. So I went down on my hands and knees to make a barking sound too. A big man with a black mustache gave me a biscuit. He drank some more wine. The other girl said I was a better dog than her because I got a biscuit. She then petted me and said I was friendly. The man with the mustache said "The only way to have a friend is to be friendly." I told him to fuck off and mind his own fucking business.\n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 041\nAuthor: Simon Quinn \nYour Project Title: The beholders empty eye\nScript Format: HTML Hypertext with mixed font\nWord Count: 169\nImages: yes\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/MEC41.gif]]\n\nAuthor's Note: My project 'The beholders empty eye' is as much about how we view the spaces between the words on a screen as what the words themselves mean to the state of mind of that viewer. \n\nThe preliminary HTML screen is called 'where are u now? Here the viewer must activate the next screens by answering the following three multiple choice questions. by indicating A, B, or C in the checkbox:\n\nMy Mood is: A Melancholic B Upbeat C Irrelevant\n\nMy Life is: A Relative B Unique C Immaterial\n\nMy Time is: A Precious B An Abstract Concept C Limited\n\nThe next 5 screens offer the following individual words in large black font with each single word having an attached tool tip. \n\nThe words are as follows:\n\nSuccess\nStrife\nSex\nScarcity\nSecurity\n\nThe tools tips, which interchange based on the answers to the multiple choice questions are:\n\nYou want it\nYou need it\nYou have it\nYou lost it\n\n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 072\nAuthor: Brian Burroughs\nYour Project Title: Out for a fag\nTarget Format: Twiddlywiki\nWord Count: 195\nimages: yeah, me before I got beaten up.\n\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Out4aFag.gif]]\n\nUsing a Twiddlywiki as a recording medium, I researched exterior attitudes to public smoking bans and their intersection with success and failure rates of male homosexual pick up attempts outside publicly licensed premises in the cities of Dublin Ireland, San Francisco USA and Newcastle England. After examining this data while recovering in Freeman hospital, I constructed two narratives in the form of best practice oral exchanges for both success and failure scenarios. I was prompted to change that term oral to vocal exchanges to reduce ambiguity and following a potentially violent one with a particularly homophobic Tyneside taxi driver.\nThe resulting twiddlywiki, renamed the ‘Tiddly will he’ offers users the opportunity of safely interacting with a pseudo-intelligent agent in the safety of their own home, while smoking indoors if they so desire. While there are only two possible abrupt answers to either of these narrative explorations, exploration of each narrative can take up to fifteen minutes.\nI see the implementation of a text to speech module being of tremendous value to the project going forward and would like to spend the prize money on further research in the area of the male homosexual vocal register.\n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 086\nAuthor: Alfredo Montoya \nYour Project Title: Colours noises make\nTarget Format: High Definition and surround sound enabled Cross Platform application.\nWord Count: 250\nImages: Self photographic.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/086.gif]]\n\nDescribed by friends and collaborators as my ‘make a musical’ project, pieces of unique digital fiction are created using a random generative program within a programmed environment. The main components are a Graphical User Interface (GUI), a series of color and sound generators, two databases of 1000 well know phrases from the top 100 Motown hits and 36 individual Shakespearean scenarios. The initial main GUI is in the shape of a multicolored Jazz Saxophone. The saxophone contains the colors of the full visual spectrum. Users push a button to set a color pattern and then press another to select words and word patterns as they emerge from the instrument.\nA series of psychedelic colors fight for screen supremacy with shades of pastels and greys. The screen is fundamentally filled with two blocks of color initially. When these collide a percussion sound is made. From a series of these percussion sounds rhythms establish and the process continues until the user clicks on the reed of the saxophone. Clicking a number of times will generate similar patterns based on extrapolations of the initial pattern and timed internals. Thus it is possible to create Shylock taunting Coriolanus in Elsinore castle using the lyrics of tears of a clown. Obviously the prize would go quite a long way to helping to improve this project even further, indeed the prize money could be used as matching funding to commercialize the project. \n
Message Entry Confirmation to: 088\nAuthor: Tabitha Earl\nYour Project Title: Nanopoem cubed.\nTarget Format: Flash and XML with Actionscript 3.0 coding\nWord Count: 184\nImages: there seems to be a problem uploading images, you need to fix this\n\nMy digital fiction piece is designed containing elements similar to a traditional ‘wordsearch’ style box found in glossy magazines. The overall framework is made up of three large (main) boxes on a white background. The bottom (main) box contains nine boxes. Each of these nine boxes contain a further nine smaller boxes in each box. Within each of those nine smaller boxes are again nine even smaller boxes with a single letter in each box. Thus words can be formed from the letters in each of these lower level boxes, Highlighting and then selecting the letters consecutively either vertically, horizontally or diagonally allows the formation of words. \nThese words then appear in the central (main) box and may be combined there to form sentences. Creating specific sentences unlocks – event descriptions in the second level boxes in the lower main boxes originally housing the smaller boxes where letters were selected/clicked. Combining all nine unlocked events offers a coherent narrative to the viewer/player to be viewed in the uppermost (main) box.\nThis project is at an advanced theoretical stage and work on the prototypes is underway. Excuse me while I chuckle with joy at that fact.\n
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<div class='header' macro='gradient vert #000 #069'>\n <div class='headerShadow'>\n <span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>\n <span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>\n </div>\n <div class='headerForeground'>\n <span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;\n <span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>\n </div>\n <div id='topMenu' refresh='content' tiddler='MainMenu'></div>\n</div>\n<div id='sidebar'>\n <div id='sidebarOptions' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'></div>\n <div id='sidebarTabs' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>\n</div>\n<div id='displayArea'>\n <div id='messageArea'></div>\n <div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>\n</div>
function onClickDefaultHome(e) {\nstory.closeAllTiddlers();\nconfig.options.txtDefaultTiddlers = "";\nsaveOptionCookie('txtDefaultTiddlers');\nvar start = store.getTiddlerText("DefaultTiddlers");\nif(start)\nstory.displayTiddlers(null,start.readBracketedList());\n}\n\nconfig.macros["defaultHome"] = {label: "Home", prompt: "Show the default tiddlers", title: "Home"};\nconfig.macros.defaultHome.handler = function(place) {\ncreateTiddlyButton(place,this.label,this.prompt,onClickDefaultHome);\n\n}
/***\n|''Name:''|ForEachTiddlerPlugin|\n|''Version:''|1.0.5 (2006-02-05)|\n|''Source:''|http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#ForEachTiddlerPlugin|\n|''Author:''|UdoBorkowski (ub [at] abego-software [dot] de)|\n|''Licence:''|[[BSD open source license]]|\n|''Macros:''|[[ForEachTiddlerMacro]] v1.0.5|\n|''TiddlyWiki:''|1.2.38+, 2.0|\n|''Browser:''|Firefox 1.0.4+; Firefox 1.5; InternetExplorer 6.0|\n!Description\n\nCreate customizable lists, tables etc. for your selections of tiddlers. Specify the tiddlers to include and their order through a powerful language.\n\n''Syntax:'' \n|>|{{{<<}}}''forEachTiddler'' [''in'' //tiddlyWikiPath//] [''where'' //whereCondition//] [''sortBy'' //sortExpression// [''ascending'' //or// ''descending'']] [''script'' //scriptText//] [//action// [//actionParameters//]]{{{>>}}}|\n|//tiddlyWikiPath//|The filepath to the TiddlyWiki the macro should work on. When missing the current TiddlyWiki is used.|\n|//whereCondition//|(quoted) JavaScript boolean expression. May refer to the build-in variables {{{tiddler}}} and {{{context}}}.|\n|//sortExpression//|(quoted) JavaScript expression returning "comparable" objects (using '{{{<}}}','{{{>}}}','{{{==}}}'. May refer to the build-in variables {{{tiddler}}} and {{{context}}}.|\n|//scriptText//|(quoted) JavaScript text. Typically defines JavaScript functions that are called by the various JavaScript expressions (whereClause, sortClause, action arguments,...)|\n|//action//|The action that should be performed on every selected tiddler, in the given order. By default the actions [[addToList|AddToListAction]] and [[write|WriteAction]] are supported. When no action is specified [[addToList|AddToListAction]] is used.|\n|//actionParameters//|(action specific) parameters the action may refer while processing the tiddlers (see action descriptions for details). <<tiddler [[JavaScript in actionParameters]]>>|\n|>|~~Syntax formatting: Keywords in ''bold'', optional parts in [...]. 'or' means that exactly one of the two alternatives must exist.~~|\n\nSee details see [[ForEachTiddlerMacro]] and [[ForEachTiddlerExamples]].\n\n!Revision history\n* v1.0.5\n** Pass tiddler containing the macro with wikify, context object also holds reference to tiddler containing the macro ("inTiddler"). Thanks to SimonBaird.\n** Support Firefox\n** Internal\n*** Make "JSLint" conform\n*** "Only install once"\n* v1.0.4 (2006-01-06)\n** Support TiddlyWiki 2.0\n* v1.0.3 (2005-12-22)\n** Features: \n*** Write output to a file supports multi-byte environments (Thanks to Bram Chen) \n*** Provide API to access the forEachTiddler functionality directly through JavaScript (see getTiddlers and performMacro)\n** Enhancements:\n*** Improved error messages on InternetExplorer.\n* v1.0.2 (2005-12-10)\n** Features: \n*** context object also holds reference to store (TiddlyWiki)\n** Fixed Bugs: \n*** ForEachTiddler 1.0.1 has broken support on win32 Opera 8.51 (Thanks to BrunoSabin for reporting)\n* v1.0.1 (2005-12-08)\n** Features: \n*** Access tiddlers stored in separated TiddlyWikis through the "in" option. I.e. you are no longer limited to only work on the "current TiddlyWiki".\n*** Write output to an external file using the "toFile" option of the "write" action. With this option you may write your customized tiddler exports.\n*** Use the "script" section to define "helper" JavaScript functions etc. to be used in the various JavaScript expressions (whereClause, sortClause, action arguments,...).\n*** Access and store context information for the current forEachTiddler invocation (through the build-in "context" object) .\n*** Improved script evaluation (for where/sort clause and write scripts).\n* v1.0.0 (2005-11-20)\n** initial version\n\n!Code\n***/\n//{{{\n\n \n//============================================================================\n//============================================================================\n// ForEachTiddlerPlugin\n//============================================================================\n//============================================================================\n\n// Only install once\nif (!version.extensions.ForEachTiddlerPlugin) {\n\nversion.extensions.ForEachTiddlerPlugin = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 5, date: new Date(2006,2,5), source: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de/#ForEachTiddlergPlugin"};\n\n// For backward compatibility with TW 1.2.x\n//\nif (!TiddlyWiki.prototype.forEachTiddler) {\n TiddlyWiki.prototype.forEachTiddler = function(callback) {\n for(var t in this.tiddlers) {\n callback.call(this,t,this.tiddlers[t]);\n }\n };\n}\n\n//============================================================================\n// forEachTiddler Macro\n//============================================================================\n\nversion.extensions.forEachTiddler = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 5, date: new Date(2006,2,5), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n// Configurations and constants \n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler = {\n // Standard Properties\n label: "forEachTiddler",\n prompt: "Perform actions on a (sorted) selection of tiddlers",\n\n // actions\n actions: {\n addToList: {},\n write: {}\n }\n};\n\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n// The forEachTiddler Macro Handler \n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.getContainingTiddler = function(e) {\n while(e && !hasClass(e,"tiddler"))\n e = e.parentNode;\n var title = e ? e.getAttribute("tiddler") : null; \n return title ? store.getTiddler(title) : null;\n};\n\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.handler = function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n // config.macros.forEachTiddler.traceMacroCall(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler);\n\n if (!tiddler) tiddler = config.macros.forEachTiddler.getContainingTiddler(place);\n // --- Parsing ------------------------------------------\n\n var i = 0; // index running over the params\n // Parse the "in" clause\n var tiddlyWikiPath = undefined;\n if ((i < params.length) && params[i] == "in") {\n i++;\n if (i >= params.length) {\n this.handleError(place, "TiddlyWiki path expected behind 'in'.");\n return;\n }\n tiddlyWikiPath = this.paramEncode((i < params.length) ? params[i] : "");\n i++;\n }\n\n // Parse the where clause\n var whereClause ="true";\n if ((i < params.length) && params[i] == "where") {\n i++;\n whereClause = this.paramEncode((i < params.length) ? params[i] : "");\n i++;\n }\n\n // Parse the sort stuff\n var sortClause = null;\n var sortAscending = true; \n if ((i < params.length) && params[i] == "sortBy") {\n i++;\n if (i >= params.length) {\n this.handleError(place, "sortClause missing behind 'sortBy'.");\n return;\n }\n sortClause = this.paramEncode(params[i]);\n i++;\n\n if ((i < params.length) && (params[i] == "ascending" || params[i] == "descending")) {\n sortAscending = params[i] == "ascending";\n i++;\n }\n }\n\n // Parse the script\n var scriptText = null;\n if ((i < params.length) && params[i] == "script") {\n i++;\n scriptText = this.paramEncode((i < params.length) ? params[i] : "");\n i++;\n }\n\n // Parse the action. \n // When we are already at the end use the default action\n var actionName = "addToList";\n if (i < params.length) {\n if (!config.macros.forEachTiddler.actions[params[i]]) {\n this.handleError(place, "Unknown action '"+params[i]+"'.");\n return;\n } else {\n actionName = params[i]; \n i++;\n }\n } \n \n // Get the action parameter\n // (the parsing is done inside the individual action implementation.)\n var actionParameter = params.slice(i);\n\n\n // --- Processing ------------------------------------------\n try {\n this.performMacro({\n place: place, \n inTiddler: tiddler,\n whereClause: whereClause, \n sortClause: sortClause, \n sortAscending: sortAscending, \n actionName: actionName, \n actionParameter: actionParameter, \n scriptText: scriptText, \n tiddlyWikiPath: tiddlyWikiPath});\n\n } catch (e) {\n this.handleError(place, e);\n }\n};\n\n// Returns an object with properties "tiddlers" and "context".\n// tiddlers holds the (sorted) tiddlers selected by the parameter,\n// context the context of the execution of the macro.\n//\n// The action is not yet performed.\n//\n// @parameter see performMacro\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.getTiddlersAndContext = function(parameter) {\n\n var context = config.macros.forEachTiddler.createContext(parameter.place, parameter.whereClause, parameter.sortClause, parameter.sortAscending, parameter.actionName, parameter.actionParameter, parameter.scriptText, parameter.tiddlyWikiPath, parameter.inTiddler);\n\n var tiddlyWiki = parameter.tiddlyWikiPath ? this.loadTiddlyWiki(parameter.tiddlyWikiPath) : store;\n context["tiddlyWiki"] = tiddlyWiki;\n \n // Get the tiddlers, as defined by the whereClause\n var tiddlers = this.findTiddlers(parameter.whereClause, context, tiddlyWiki);\n context["tiddlers"] = tiddlers;\n\n // Sort the tiddlers, when sorting is required.\n if (parameter.sortClause) {\n this.sortTiddlers(tiddlers, parameter.sortClause, parameter.sortAscending, context);\n }\n\n return {tiddlers: tiddlers, context: context};\n};\n\n// Returns the (sorted) tiddlers selected by the parameter.\n//\n// The action is not yet performed.\n//\n// @parameter see performMacro\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.getTiddlers = function(parameter) {\n return this.getTiddlersAndContext(parameter).tiddlers;\n};\n\n// Performs the macros with the given parameter.\n//\n// @param parameter holds the parameter of the macro as separate properties.\n// The following properties are supported:\n//\n// place\n// whereClause\n// sortClause\n// sortAscending\n// actionName\n// actionParameter\n// scriptText\n// tiddlyWikiPath\n//\n// All properties are optional. \n// For most actions the place property must be defined.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.performMacro = function(parameter) {\n var tiddlersAndContext = this.getTiddlersAndContext(parameter);\n\n // Perform the action\n var actionName = parameter.actionName ? parameter.actionName : "addToList";\n var action = config.macros.forEachTiddler.actions[actionName];\n if (!action) {\n this.handleError(parameter.place, "Unknown action '"+actionName+"'.");\n return;\n }\n\n var actionHandler = action.handler;\n actionHandler(parameter.place, tiddlersAndContext.tiddlers, parameter.actionParameter, tiddlersAndContext.context);\n};\n\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n// The actions \n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// --- The addToList Action -----------------------------------------------\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.actions.addToList.handler = function(place, tiddlers, parameter, context) {\n // Parse the parameter\n var p = 0;\n\n // Check for extra parameters\n if (parameter.length > p) {\n config.macros.forEachTiddler.createExtraParameterErrorElement(place, "addToList", parameter, p);\n return;\n }\n\n // Perform the action.\n var list = document.createElement("ul");\n place.appendChild(list);\n for (var i = 0; i < tiddlers.length; i++) {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[i];\n var listItem = document.createElement("li");\n list.appendChild(listItem);\n createTiddlyLink(listItem, tiddler.title, true);\n }\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// --- The write Action ---------------------------------------------------\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.actions.write.handler = function(place, tiddlers, parameter, context) {\n // Parse the parameter\n var p = 0;\n if (p >= parameter.length) {\n this.handleError(place, "Missing expression behind 'write'.");\n return;\n }\n\n var textExpression = config.macros.forEachTiddler.paramEncode(parameter[p]);\n p++;\n\n // Parse the "toFile" option\n var filename = null;\n var lineSeparator = undefined;\n if ((p < parameter.length) && parameter[p] == "toFile") {\n p++;\n if (p >= parameter.length) {\n this.handleError(place, "Filename expected behind 'toFile' of 'write' action.");\n return;\n }\n \n filename = config.macros.forEachTiddler.getLocalPath(config.macros.forEachTiddler.paramEncode(parameter[p]));\n p++;\n if ((p < parameter.length) && parameter[p] == "withLineSeparator") {\n p++;\n if (p >= parameter.length) {\n this.handleError(place, "Line separator text expected behind 'withLineSeparator' of 'write' action.");\n return;\n }\n lineSeparator = config.macros.forEachTiddler.paramEncode(parameter[p]);\n p++;\n }\n }\n \n // Check for extra parameters\n if (parameter.length > p) {\n config.macros.forEachTiddler.createExtraParameterErrorElement(place, "write", parameter, p);\n return;\n }\n\n // Perform the action.\n var func = config.macros.forEachTiddler.getEvalTiddlerFunction(textExpression, context);\n var count = tiddlers.length;\n var text = "";\n for (var i = 0; i < count; i++) {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[i];\n text += func(tiddler, context, count, i);\n }\n \n if (filename) {\n if (lineSeparator !== undefined) {\n lineSeparator = lineSeparator.replace(/\s\sn/mg, "\sn").replace(/\s\sr/mg, "\sr");\n text = text.replace(/\sn/mg,lineSeparator);\n }\n saveFile(filename, convertUnicodeToUTF8(text));\n } else {\n var wrapper = createTiddlyElement(place, "span");\n wikify(text, wrapper, null/* highlightRegExp */, context.inTiddler);\n }\n};\n\n\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n// Helpers\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.createContext = function(placeParam, whereClauseParam, sortClauseParam, sortAscendingParam, actionNameParam, actionParameterParam, scriptText, tiddlyWikiPathParam, inTiddlerParam) {\n return {\n place : placeParam, \n whereClause : whereClauseParam, \n sortClause : sortClauseParam, \n sortAscending : sortAscendingParam, \n script : scriptText,\n actionName : actionNameParam, \n actionParameter : actionParameterParam,\n tiddlyWikiPath : tiddlyWikiPathParam,\n inTiddler : inTiddlerParam\n };\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// Returns a TiddlyWiki with the tiddlers loaded from the TiddlyWiki of \n// the given path.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.loadTiddlyWiki = function(path, idPrefix) {\n if (!idPrefix) {\n idPrefix = "store";\n }\n var lenPrefix = idPrefix.length;\n \n // Read the content of the given file\n var content = loadFile(this.getLocalPath(path));\n if(content === null) {\n throw "TiddlyWiki '"+path+"' not found.";\n }\n \n // Locate the storeArea div's\n var posOpeningDiv = content.indexOf(startSaveArea);\n var posClosingDiv = content.lastIndexOf(endSaveArea);\n if((posOpeningDiv == -1) || (posClosingDiv == -1)) {\n throw "File '"+path+"' is not a TiddlyWiki.";\n }\n var storageText = content.substr(posOpeningDiv + startSaveArea.length, posClosingDiv);\n \n // Create a "div" element that contains the storage text\n var myStorageDiv = document.createElement("div");\n myStorageDiv.innerHTML = storageText;\n myStorageDiv.normalize();\n \n // Create all tiddlers in a new TiddlyWiki\n // (following code is modified copy of TiddlyWiki.prototype.loadFromDiv)\n var tiddlyWiki = new TiddlyWiki();\n var store = myStorageDiv.childNodes;\n for(var t = 0; t < store.length; t++) {\n var e = store[t];\n var title = null;\n if(e.getAttribute)\n title = e.getAttribute("tiddler");\n if(!title && e.id && e.id.substr(0,lenPrefix) == idPrefix)\n title = e.id.substr(lenPrefix);\n if(title && title !== "") {\n var tiddler = tiddlyWiki.createTiddler(title);\n tiddler.loadFromDiv(e,title);\n }\n }\n tiddlyWiki.dirty = false;\n\n return tiddlyWiki;\n};\n\n\n \n// Internal.\n//\n// Returns a function that has a function body returning the given javaScriptExpression.\n// The function has the parameters:\n// \n// (tiddler, context, count, index)\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.getEvalTiddlerFunction = function (javaScriptExpression, context) {\n var script = context["script"];\n var functionText = "var theFunction = function(tiddler, context, count, index) { return "+javaScriptExpression+"}";\n var fullText = (script ? script+";" : "")+functionText+";theFunction;";\n return eval(fullText);\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.findTiddlers = function(whereClause, context, tiddlyWiki) {\n var result = [];\n var func = config.macros.forEachTiddler.getEvalTiddlerFunction(whereClause, context);\n tiddlyWiki.forEachTiddler(function(title,tiddler) {\n if (func(tiddler, context, undefined, undefined)) {\n result.push(tiddler);\n }\n });\n return result;\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.createExtraParameterErrorElement = function(place, actionName, parameter, firstUnusedIndex) {\n var message = "Extra parameter behind '"+actionName+"':";\n for (var i = firstUnusedIndex; i < parameter.length; i++) {\n message += " "+parameter[i];\n }\n this.handleError(place, message);\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.sortAscending = function(tiddlerA, tiddlerB) {\n var result = \n (tiddlerA.forEachTiddlerSortValue == tiddlerB.forEachTiddlerSortValue) \n ? 0\n : (tiddlerA.forEachTiddlerSortValue < tiddlerB.forEachTiddlerSortValue)\n ? -1 \n : +1; \n return result;\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.sortDescending = function(tiddlerA, tiddlerB) {\n var result = \n (tiddlerA.forEachTiddlerSortValue == tiddlerB.forEachTiddlerSortValue) \n ? 0\n : (tiddlerA.forEachTiddlerSortValue < tiddlerB.forEachTiddlerSortValue)\n ? +1 \n : -1; \n return result;\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.sortTiddlers = function(tiddlers, sortClause, ascending, context) {\n // To avoid evaluating the sortClause whenever two items are compared \n // we pre-calculate the sortValue for every item in the array and store it in a \n // temporary property ("forEachTiddlerSortValue") of the tiddlers.\n var func = config.macros.forEachTiddler.getEvalTiddlerFunction(sortClause, context);\n var count = tiddlers.length;\n var i;\n for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[i];\n tiddler.forEachTiddlerSortValue = func(tiddler,context, undefined, undefined);\n }\n\n // Do the sorting\n tiddlers.sort(ascending ? this.sortAscending : this.sortDescending);\n\n // Delete the temporary property that holds the sortValue. \n for (i = 0; i < tiddlers.length; i++) {\n delete tiddlers[i].forEachTiddlerSortValue;\n }\n};\n\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.trace = function(message) {\n displayMessage(message);\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.traceMacroCall = function(place,macroName,params) {\n var message ="<<"+macroName;\n for (var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {\n message += " "+params[i];\n }\n message += ">>";\n displayMessage(message);\n};\n\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// Creates an element that holds an error message\n// \nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.createErrorElement = function(place, exception) {\n var message = (exception.description) ? exception.description : exception.toString();\n return createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,"forEachTiddlerError","<<forEachTiddler ...>>: "+message);\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// @param place [may be null]\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.handleError = function(place, exception) {\n if (place) {\n this.createErrorElement(place, exception);\n } else {\n throw exception;\n }\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// Encodes the given string.\n//\n// Replaces \n// "$))" to ">>"\n// "$)" to ">"\n//\nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.paramEncode = function(s) {\n var reGTGT = new RegExp("\s\s$\s\s)\s\s)","mg");\n var reGT = new RegExp("\s\s$\s\s)","mg");\n return s.replace(reGTGT, ">>").replace(reGT, ">");\n};\n\n// Internal.\n//\n// Returns the given original path (that is a file path, starting with "file:")\n// as a path to a local file, in the systems native file format.\n//\n// Location information in the originalPath (i.e. the "#" and stuff following)\n// is stripped.\n// \nconfig.macros.forEachTiddler.getLocalPath = function(originalPath) {\n // Remove any location part of the URL\n var hashPos = originalPath.indexOf("#");\n if(hashPos != -1)\n originalPath = originalPath.substr(0,hashPos);\n // Convert to a native file format assuming\n // "file:///x:/path/path/path..." - pc local file --> "x:\spath\spath\spath..."\n // "file://///server/share/path/path/path..." - FireFox pc network file --> "\s\sserver\sshare\spath\spath\spath..."\n // "file:///path/path/path..." - mac/unix local file --> "/path/path/path..."\n // "file://server/share/path/path/path..." - pc network file --> "\s\sserver\sshare\spath\spath\spath..."\n var localPath;\n if(originalPath.charAt(9) == ":") // pc local file\n localPath = unescape(originalPath.substr(8)).replace(new RegExp("/","g"),"\s\s");\n else if(originalPath.indexOf("file://///") === 0) // FireFox pc network file\n localPath = "\s\s\s\s" + unescape(originalPath.substr(10)).replace(new RegExp("/","g"),"\s\s");\n else if(originalPath.indexOf("file:///") === 0) // mac/unix local file\n localPath = unescape(originalPath.substr(7));\n else if(originalPath.indexOf("file:/") === 0) // mac/unix local file\n localPath = unescape(originalPath.substr(5));\n else // pc network file\n localPath = "\s\s\s\s" + unescape(originalPath.substr(7)).replace(new RegExp("/","g"),"\s\s"); \n return localPath;\n};\n\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n// Stylesheet Extensions (may be overridden by local StyleSheet)\n// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------\n//\nsetStylesheet(\n ".forEachTiddlerError{color: #ffffff;background-color: #880000;}",\n "forEachTiddler");\n\n//============================================================================\n// End of forEachTiddler Macro\n//============================================================================\n\n\n//============================================================================\n// String.startsWith Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true if the string starts with the given prefix, false otherwise.\n//\nversion.extensions["String.startsWith"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nString.prototype.startsWith = function(prefix) {\n var n = prefix.length;\n return (this.length >= n) && (this.slice(0, n) == prefix);\n};\n\n\n\n//============================================================================\n// String.endsWith Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true if the string ends with the given suffix, false otherwise.\n//\nversion.extensions["String.endsWith"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nString.prototype.endsWith = function(suffix) {\n var n = suffix.length;\n return (this.length >= n) && (this.right(n) == suffix);\n};\n\n\n//============================================================================\n// String.contains Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true when the string contains the given substring, false otherwise.\n//\nversion.extensions["String.contains"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nString.prototype.contains = function(substring) {\n return this.indexOf(substring) >= 0;\n};\n\n//============================================================================\n// Array.indexOf Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns the index of the first occurance of the given item in the array or \n// -1 when no such item exists.\n//\n// @param item [may be null]\n//\nversion.extensions["Array.indexOf"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nArray.prototype.indexOf = function(item) {\n for (var i = 0; i < this.length; i++) {\n if (this[i] == item) {\n return i;\n }\n }\n return -1;\n};\n\n//============================================================================\n// Array.contains Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true when the array contains the given item, otherwise false. \n//\n// @param item [may be null]\n//\nversion.extensions["Array.contains"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nArray.prototype.contains = function(item) {\n return (this.indexOf(item) >= 0);\n};\n\n//============================================================================\n// Array.containsAny Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true when the array contains at least one of the elements \n// of the item. Otherwise (or when items contains no elements) false is returned.\n//\nversion.extensions["Array.containsAny"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nArray.prototype.containsAny = function(items) {\n for(var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {\n if (this.contains(items[i])) {\n return true;\n }\n }\n return false;\n};\n\n\n//============================================================================\n// Array.containsAll Function\n//============================================================================\n//\n// Returns true when the array contains all the items, otherwise false.\n// \n// When items is null false is returned (even if the array contains a null).\n//\n// @param items [may be null] \n//\nversion.extensions["Array.containsAll"] = {major: 1, minor: 0, revision: 0, date: new Date(2005,11,20), provider: "http://tiddlywiki.abego-software.de"};\n//\nArray.prototype.containsAll = function(items) {\n for(var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {\n if (!this.contains(items[i])) {\n return false;\n }\n }\n return true;\n};\n\n\n} // of "install only once"\n\n// Used Globals (for JSLint) ==============\n// ... DOM\n/*global document */\n// ... TiddlyWiki Core\n/*global convertUnicodeToUTF8, createTiddlyElement, createTiddlyLink, \n displayMessage, endSaveArea, hasClass, loadFile, saveFile, \n startSaveArea, store, wikify */\n//}}}\n\n\n/***\n!Licence and Copyright\nCopyright (c) abego Software ~GmbH, 2005 ([[www.abego-software.de|http://www.abego-software.de]])\n\nRedistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification,\nare permitted provided that the following conditions are met:\n\nRedistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this\nlist of conditions and the following disclaimer.\n\nRedistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this\nlist of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other\nmaterials provided with the distribution.\n\nNeither the name of abego Software nor the names of its contributors may be\nused to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific\nprior written permission.\n\nTHIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY\nEXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES\nOF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT\nSHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT,\nINCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED\nTO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR\nBUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN\nCONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN\nANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH\nDAMAGE.\n***/\n\n
/***\n''Import Tiddlers Plugin for TiddlyWiki version 1.2.x and 2.0''\n^^author: Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios\nsource: http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#ImportTiddlersPlugin\nlicense: [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]^^\n\nWhen many people share and edit copies of the same TiddlyWiki document, the ability to quickly collect all these changes back into a single, updated document that can then be redistributed to the entire group is very important. This plugin lets you selectively combine tiddlers from any two TiddlyWiki documents. It can also be very useful when moving your own tiddlers from document to document (e.g., when upgrading to the latest version of TiddlyWiki, or 'pre-loading' your favorite stylesheets into a new 'empty' TiddlyWiki document.)\n\n!!!!!Inline interface (live)\n<<<\n<<importTiddlers inline>>\n<<<\n!!!!!Macro Syntax\n<<<\n{{{<<importTiddlers>>}}}\ncreates "import tiddlers" link. click to show/hide import control panel\n\n{{{<<importTiddlers inline>>}}}\ncreates import control panel directly in tiddler content\n\n{{{<<importTiddlers filter source quiet ask>>}}}\nnon-interactive 'automatic' import.\n''filter'' determines which tiddlers will be automatically selected for importing. Use one of the following keywords:\n>''"new"'' retrieves only tiddlers that are found in the import source document, but do not yet exist in the destination document\n>''"changes"'' retrieves only tiddlers that exist in both documents for which the import source tiddler is newer than the existing tiddler\n>''"updates"'' retrieves both ''new'' and ''changed'' tiddlers (this is the default action when none is specified)\n>''"all"'' retrieves ALL tiddlers from the import source document, even if they have not been changed.\n''source'' is the location of the imported document. It can be either a local document or an URL:\n>filename is any local path/file, in whatever format your system requires\n>URL is any remote web location that starts with "http://" or "https://"\n''"quiet"'' (optional)\n>supresses all status message during the import processing (e.g., "opening local file...", "found NN tiddlers..." etc). Note that if ANY tiddlers are actualy imported, a final information message will still be displayed (along with the ImportedTiddlers report), even when 'quiet' is specified. This ensures that changes to your document cannot occur without any visible indication at all.\n''"ask"'' (optional)\n>adds interactive confirmation. A browser message box (OK/Cancel) is displayed for each tiddler that will be imported, so that you can manually bypass any tiddlers that you do not want to import.\n\n''Special tag values: importReplace and importPublic''\n\nBy adding these special tags to an existing tiddler, you can precisely control whether or not to allow updates to that tiddler as well as decide which tiddlers in your document can be automatically imported by others.\n*''For maximum safety, the default action is to prevent existing tiddlers from being unintentionally overwritten by incoming tiddlers.'' To allow an existing tiddler to be overwritten by an imported tiddler, you must tag the existing tiddler with ''<<tag importReplace>>''\n*''For maximum privacy, the default action for //outgoing// tiddlers is to NOT automatically share your tiddlers with others.'' To allow a tiddler in your document to be shared via auto-import actions by others, you must tag it with ''<<tag importPublic>>''\n//Note: these tags are only applied when using the auto-import processing. When using the interactive control panel, all tiddlers in the imported document are available in the listbox, regardless of their tag values.//\n<<<\n!!!!!Interactive Usage\n<<<\nWhen used interactively, a control panel is displayed consisting of an "import source document" filename input (text field plus a ''[Browse...]'' button), a listbox of available tiddlers, a "differences only" checkbox, an "add tags" input field and four push buttons: ''[open]'', ''[select all]'', ''[import]'' and ''[close]''.\n\nPress ''[browse]'' to select a TiddlyWiki document file to import. You can also type in the path/filename or a remote document URL (starting with http://)and press ''[open]''. //Note: There may be some delay to permit the browser time to access and load the document before updating the listbox with the titles of all tiddlers that are available to be imported.//\n\nSelect one or more titles from the listbox (hold CTRL or SHIFT while clicking to add/remove the highlight from individual list items). You can press ''[select all]'' to quickly highlight all tiddler titles in the list. Use the ''[-]'', ''[+]'', or ''[=]'' links to adjust the listbox size so you can view more (or less) tiddler titles at one time. When you have chosen the tiddlers you want to import and entered any extra tags, press ''[import]'' to begin copying them to the current TiddlyWiki document.\n\n''select: all, new, changes, or differences''\n\nYou can click on ''all'', ''new'', ''changes'', or ''differences'' to automatically select a subset of tiddlers from the list. This makes it very quick and easy to find and import just the updated tiddlers you are interested in:\n>''"all"'' selects ALL tiddlers from the import source document, even if they have not been changed.\n>''"new"'' selects only tiddlers that are found in the import source document, but do not yet exist in the destination document\n>''"changes"'' selects only tiddlers that exist in both documents but that are newer in the source document\n>''"differences"'' selects all new and existing tiddlers that are different from the destination document (even if destination tiddler is newer)\n\n''Import Tagging:''\n\nTiddlers that have been imported can be automatically tagged, so they will be easier to find later on, after they have been added to your document. New tags are entered into the "add tags" input field, and then //added// to the existing tags for each tiddler as it is imported.\n\n''Skip, Rename, Merge, or Replace:''\n\nWhen importing a tiddler whose title is identical to one that already exists, the import process pauses and the tiddler title is displayed in an input field, along with four push buttons: ''[skip]'', ''[rename]'', ''[merge]'' and ''[replace]''.\n\nTo bypass importing this tiddler, press ''[skip]''. To import the tiddler with a different name (so that both the tiddlers will exist when the import is done), enter a new title in the input field and then press ''[rename]''. Press ''[merge]'' to combine the content from both tiddlers into a single tiddler. Press ''[replace]'' to overwrite the existing tiddler with the imported one, discarding the previous tiddler content.\n\n//Note: if both the title ''and'' modification date/////time match, the imported tiddler is assumed to be identical to the existing one, and will be automatically skipped (i.e., not imported) without asking.//\n\n''Import Report History''\n\nWhen tiddlers are imported, a report is generated into ImportedTiddlers, indicating when the latest import was performed, the number of tiddlers successfully imported, from what location, and by whom. It also includes a list with the title, date and author of each tiddler that was imported.\n\nWhen the import process is completed, the ImportedTiddlers report is automatically displayed for your review. If more tiddlers are subsequently imported, a new report is //added// to ImportedTiddlers, above the previous report (i.e., at the top of the tiddler), so that a reverse-chronological history of imports is maintained.\n\nIf a cumulative record is not desired, the ImportedTiddlers report may be deleted at any time. A new ImportedTiddlers report will be created the next time tiddlers are imported.\n\nNote: You can prevent the ImportedTiddlers report from being generated for any given import activity by clearing the "create a report" checkbox before beginning the import processing.\n\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\ncopy/paste the following tiddlers into your document:\n''ImportTiddlersPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n\ncreate/edit ''SideBarOptions'': (sidebar menu items) \n^^Add "< < ImportTiddlers > >" macro^^\n\n''Quick Installation Tip #1:''\nIf you are using an unmodified version of TiddlyWiki (core release version <<version>>), you can get a new, empty TiddlyWiki with the Import Tiddlers plugin pre-installed (''[[download from here|TW+ImportExport.html]]''), and then simply import all your content from your old document into this new, empty document.\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.02.17 [2.6.0]''\nRemoved "differences only" listbox display mode, replaced with selection filter 'presets': all/new/changes/differences. Also fixed initialization handling for "add new tags" so that checkbox state is correctly tracked when panel is first displayed.\n''2006.02.16 [2.5.4]''\nadded checkbox options to control "import remote tags" and "keep existing tags" behavior, in addition to existing "add new tags" functionality.\n''2006.02.14 [2.5.3]''\nFF1501 corrected unintended global 't' (loop index) in importReport() and autoImportTiddlers()\n''2006.02.10 [2.5.2]''\ncorrected unintended global variable in importReport().\n''2006.02.05 [2.5.1]''\nmoved globals from window.* to config.macros.importTiddlers.* to avoid FireFox crash bug when referencing globals\n''2006.01.18 [2.5.0]''\nadded checkbox for "create a report". Default is to create/update the ImportedTiddlers report. Clear the checkbox to skip this step.\n''2006.01.15 [2.4.1]''\nadded "importPublic" tag and inverted default so that auto sharing is NOT done unless tagged with importPublic\n''2006.01.15 [2.4.0]''\nAdded support for tagging individual tiddlers with importSkip, importReplace, and/or importPrivate to control which tiddlers can be overwritten or shared with others when using auto-import macro syntax. Defaults are to SKIP overwriting existing tiddlers with imported tiddlers, and ALLOW your tiddlers to be auto-imported by others.\n''2006.01.15 [2.3.2]''\nAdded "ask" parameter to confirm each tiddler before importing (for use with auto-importing)\n''2006.01.15 [2.3.1]''\nStrip TW core scripts from import source content and load just the storeArea into the hidden IFRAME. Makes loading more efficient by reducing the document size and by preventing the import document from executing its TW initialization (including plugins). Seems to resolve the "Found 0 tiddlers" problem. Also, when importing local documents, use convertUTF8ToUnicode() to convert the file contents so support international characters sets.\n''2006.01.12 [2.3.0]''\nReorganized code to use callback function for loading import files to support event-driven I/O via an ASYNCHRONOUS XMLHttpRequest. Let's processing continue while waiting for remote hosts to respond to URL requests. Added non-interactive 'batch' macro mode, using parameters to specify which tiddlers to import, and from what document source. Improved error messages and diagnostics, plus an optional 'quiet' switch for batch mode to eliminate //most// feedback.\n''2006.01.11 [2.2.0]''\nAdded "[by tags]" to list of tiddlers, based on code submitted by BradleyMeck\n''2006.01.09 [2.1.1]''\nWhen a URL is typed in, and then the "open" button is pressed, it generates both an onChange event for the file input and a click event for open button. This results in multiple XMLHttpRequest()'s which seem to jam things up quite a bit. I removed the onChange handling for file input field. To open a file (local or URL), you must now explicitly press the "open" button in the control panel.\n''2006.01.08 [2.1.0]''\nIMPORT FROM ANYWHERE!!! re-write getImportedTiddlers() logic to either read a local file (using local I/O), OR... read a remote file, using a combination of XML and an iframe to permit cross-domain reading of DOM elements. Adapted from example code and techniques courtesy of Jonny LeRoy.\n''2006.01.06 [2.0.2]''\nWhen refreshing list contents, fixed check for tiddlerExists() when "show differences only" is selected, so that imported tiddlers that don't exist in the current file will be recognized as differences and included in the list.\n''2006.01.04 [2.0.1]''\nWhen "show differences only" is NOT checked, import all tiddlers that have been selected even when they have a matching title and date.\n''2005.12.27 [2.0.0]''\nUpdate for TW2.0\nDefer initial panel creation and only register a notification function when panel first is created\n''2005.12.22 [1.3.1]''\ntweak formatting in importReport() and add 'discard report' link to output\n''2005.12.03 [1.3.0]''\nDynamically create/remove importPanel as needed to ensure only one instance of interface elements exists, even if there are multiple instances of macro embedding. Also, dynamically create/recreate importFrame each time an external TW document is loaded for importation (reduces DOM overhead and ensures a 'fresh' frame for each document)\n''2005.11.29 [1.2.1]''\nfixed formatting of 'detail info' in importReport()\n''2005.11.11 [1.2.0]''\nadded 'inline' param to embed controls in a tiddler\n''2005.11.09 [1.1.0]''\nonly load HTML and CSS the first time the macro handler is called. Allows for redundant placement of the macro without creating multiple instances of controls with the same ID's.\n''2005.10.25 [1.0.5]''\nfixed typo in importReport() that prevented reports from being generated\n''2005.10.09 [1.0.4]''\ncombined documentation with plugin code instead of using separate tiddlers\n''2005.08.05 [1.0.3]''\nmoved CSS and HTML definitions into plugin code instead of using separate tiddlers\n''2005.07.27 [1.0.2]''\ncore update 1.2.29: custom overlayStyleSheet() replaced with new core setStylesheet()\n''2005.07.23 [1.0.1]''\nadded parameter checks and corrected addNotification() usage\n''2005.07.20 [1.0.0]''\nInitial Release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]]\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n\n// // Version\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.importTiddlers = {major: 2, minor: 6, revision: 0, date: new Date(2006,2,17)};\n//}}}\n\n// // 1.2.x compatibility\n//{{{\nif (!window.story) window.story=window;\nif (!store.getTiddler) store.getTiddler=function(title){return store.tiddlers[title]}\nif (!store.addTiddler) store.addTiddler=function(tiddler){store.tiddlers[tiddler.title]=tiddler}\nif (!store.deleteTiddler) store.deleteTiddler=function(title){delete store.tiddlers[title]}\n//}}}\n\n// // IE needs explicit global scoping for functions/vars called from browser events\n//{{{\nwindow.onClickImportButton=onClickImportButton;\nwindow.loadImportFile=loadImportFile;\nwindow.refreshImportList=refreshImportList;\n//}}}\n\n// // default cookie/option values\n//{{{\nif (!config.options.chkImportReport) config.options.chkImportReport=true;\n//}}}\n\n\n// // ''MACRO DEFINITION''\n\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers = { };\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers = {\n label: "import tiddlers",\n prompt: "Copy tiddlers from another document",\n countMsg: "%0 tiddlers selected for import",\n src: "", // path/filename or URL of document to import\n inbound: null, // hash-indexed array of tiddlers from other document\n newTags: "", // text of tags added to imported tiddlers\n addTags: true, // add new tags to imported tiddlers\n listsize: 8, // # of lines to show in imported tiddler list\n importTags: true, // include tags from remote source document when importing a tiddler\n keepTags: true, // retain existing tags when replacing a tiddler\n index: 0, // current processing index in import list\n sort: "" // sort order for imported tiddler listbox\n};\n\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.handler = function(place,macroName,params) {\n // LINK WITH FLOATING PANEL\n if (!params[0]) {\n createTiddlyButton(place,this.label,this.prompt,onClickImportMenu);\n return;\n }\n // INLINE TIDDLER CONTENT\n if (params[0]=="inline") {\n createImportPanel(place);\n document.getElementById("importPanel").style.position="static";\n document.getElementById("importPanel").style.display="block";\n return;\n }\n // NON-INTERACTIVE BATCH MODE\n switch (params[0]) {\n case 'all':\n case 'new':\n case 'changes':\n case 'updates':\n var filter=params.shift();\n break;\n default:\n var filter="updates";\n break;\n } \n if (!params[0]||!params[0].length) return; // filename is required\n config.macros.importTiddlers.src=params.shift();\n var quiet=(params[0]=="quiet"); if (quiet) params.shift();\n var ask=(params[0]=="ask"); if (ask) params.shift();\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=null; // clear the imported tiddler buffer\n // load storeArea from a hidden IFRAME, then apply import rules and add/replace tiddlers\n loadImportFile(config.macros.importTiddlers.src,filter,quiet,ask,autoImportTiddlers);\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''READ TIDDLERS FROM ANOTHER DOCUMENT''\n\n//{{{\nfunction loadImportFile(src,filter,quiet,ask,callback) {\n if (!quiet) clearMessage();\n // LOCAL FILE\n if ((src.substr(0,7)!="http://")&&(src.substr(0,8)!="https://")) {\n if (!quiet) displayMessage("Opening local document: "+ src);\n var txt=loadFile(src);\n if(!txt) { if (!quiet) displayMessage("Could not open local document: "+src); }\n else {\n var s="<html><body>"+txt.substr(txt.indexOf('<div id="storeArea">'));\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(txt.length+" bytes in document. ("+s.length+" bytes used for tiddler storage)");\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound = readImportedTiddlers(convertUTF8ToUnicode(s));\n var count=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound?config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length:0;\n if (!quiet) displayMessage("Found "+count+" tiddlers in "+src);\n if (callback) callback(src,filter,quiet,ask);\n }\n return;\n }\n // REMOTE FILE\n var x; // XML object\n try {x = new XMLHttpRequest()}\n catch(e) {\n try {x = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP")}\n catch (e) {\n try {x = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")}\n catch (e) { return }\n }\n }\n x.onreadystatechange = function() {\n if (x.readyState == 4) {\n if (x.status == 200) {\n var sa="<html><body>"+x.responseText.substr(x.responseText.indexOf('<div id="storeArea">'));\n if (!quiet) displayMessage(x.responseText.length+" bytes in document. ("+sa.length+" bytes used for tiddler storage)");\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound = readImportedTiddlers(sa);\n var count=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound?config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length:0;\n if (!quiet) displayMessage("Found "+count+" tiddlers in "+src);\n if (callback) callback(src,filter,quiet,ask);\n }\n else\n if (!quiet) displayMessage("Could not open remote document:"+ src+" (error="+x.status+")");\n }\n }\n if (document.location.protocol=="file:") { // UniversalBrowserRead only works from a local file context\n try {netscape.security.PrivilegeManager.enablePrivilege('UniversalBrowserRead')}\n catch (e) { if (!quiet) displayMessage(e.description?e.description:e.toString()); }\n }\n if (!quiet) displayMessage("Opening remote document: "+ src);\n try {\n var url=src+(src.indexOf('?')<0?'?':'&')+'nocache='+Math.random();\n x.open("GET",url,true);\n x.overrideMimeType('text/html');\n x.send(null);\n }\n catch (e) {\n if (!quiet) {\n displayMessage("Could not open remote document: "+src);\n displayMessage(e.description?e.description:e.toString());\n }\n }\n}\n\nfunction readImportedTiddlers(txt)\n{\n var importedTiddlers = [];\n // create frame\n var f=document.getElementById("importFrame");\n if (f) document.body.removeChild(f);\n f=document.createElement("iframe");\n f.id="importFrame";\n f.style.width="0px"; f.style.height="0px"; f.style.border="0px";\n document.body.appendChild(f);\n // get document\n var d=f.document;\n if (f.contentDocument) d=f.contentDocument; // For NS6\n else if (f.contentWindow) d=f.contentWindow.document; // For IE5.5 and IE6\n // load source into document\n d.open(); d.writeln(txt); d.close();\n // read tiddler DIVs from storeArea DOM element \n var importStore = [];\n var importStoreArea = d.getElementById("storeArea");\n if (!importStoreArea || !(importStore=importStoreArea.childNodes) || (importStore.length==0)) { return null; }\n importStoreArea.normalize();\n for(var t = 0; t < importStore.length; t++) {\n var e = importStore[t];\n var title = null;\n if(e.getAttribute)\n title = e.getAttribute("tiddler");\n if(!title && e.id && (e.id.substr(0,5) == "store"))\n title = e.id.substr(5);\n if(title && title != "") {\n var theImported = new Tiddler();\n theImported.loadFromDiv(e,title);\n importedTiddlers.push(theImported);\n }\n }\n return importedTiddlers;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''NON-INTERACTIVE IMPORT''\n\n// // import all/new/changed tiddlers into store, replacing or adding tiddlers as needed\n//{{{\nfunction autoImportTiddlers(src,filter,quiet,ask)\n{\n var count=0;\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) for (var t=0;t<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;t++) {\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theImported.title);\n\n // only import tiddlers if tagged with "importPublic"\n if (theImported.tags && theImported.tags.find("importPublic")==null)\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status=""; continue; } // status=="" means don't show in report\n\n // never import the "ImportedTiddlers" history from the other document...\n if (theImported.title=='ImportedTiddlers')\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status=""; continue; } // status=="" means don't show in report\n\n // check existing tiddler for importReplace, or systemConfig tags\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="added"; // default - add any tiddlers not filtered out\n if (store.tiddlerExists(theImported.title)) {\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="replaced";\n if (!theExisting.tags||(theExisting.tags.find("importReplace")==null))\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="not imported - tiddler already exists (use importReplace to allow changes)"; continue; }\n if ((theExisting.tags.find("systemConfig")!=null)||(theImported.tags.find("systemConfig")!=null))\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status+=" - WARNING: an active systemConfig plugin has been added or updated";\n }\n\n // apply the all/new/changes/updates filter \n if (filter!="all") {\n if ((filter=="new") && store.tiddlerExists(theImported.title))\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="not imported - tiddler already exists"; continue; }\n if ((filter=="changes") && !store.tiddlerExists(theImported.title))\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="not imported - new tiddler"; continue; }\n if (store.tiddlerExists(theImported.title) && ((theExisting.modified.getTime()-theImported.modified.getTime())>=0))\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="not imported - tiddler is unchanged"; continue; }\n }\n\n // get confirmation if required\n if (ask && !confirm("Import "+(theExisting?"updated":"new")+" tiddler '"+theImported.title+"'\snfrom "+src))\n { config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="skipped - cancelled by user"; continue; }\n\n // DO THE IMPORT!!\n store.addTiddler(theImported); count++;\n }\n importReport(quiet); // generate a report (as needed) and display it if not 'quiet'\n if (count) store.setDirty(true); \n // always show final message when tiddlers were actually imported\n if (!quiet||count) displayMessage("Imported "+count+" tiddler"+(count!=1?"s":"")+" from "+src);\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''REPORT GENERATOR''\n\n//{{{\nfunction importReport(quiet)\n{\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) return;\n // DEBUG alert('importReport: start');\n\n // if import was not completed, the Ask panel will still be open... close it now.\n var askpanel=document.getElementById('importAskPanel'); if (askpanel) askpanel.style.display='none'; \n // get the alphasorted list of tiddlers\n var tiddlers = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound;\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a['title'] == b['title']) return(0); else return (a['title'] < b['title']) ? -1 : +1; });\n // gather the statistics\n var count=tiddlers.length;\n var added=0; var replaced=0; var renamed=0; var skipped=0; var merged=0;\n for (var t=0; t<count; t++)\n if (tiddlers[t].status)\n {\n if (tiddlers[t].status=='added') added++;\n if (tiddlers[t].status.substr(0,7)=='skipped') skipped++;\n if (tiddlers[t].status.substr(0,6)=='rename') renamed++;\n if (tiddlers[t].status.substr(0,7)=='replace') replaced++;\n if (tiddlers[t].status.substr(0,6)=='merged') merged++;\n }\n var omitted=count-(added+replaced+renamed+skipped+merged);\n // DEBUG alert('stats done: '+count+' total, '+added+' added, '+skipped+' skipped, '+renamed+' renamed, '+replaced+' replaced, '+merged+' merged');\n // skip the report if nothing was imported\n if (added+replaced+renamed+merged==0) return;\n // skip the report if not desired by user\n if (!config.options.chkImportReport) {\n // reset status flags\n for (var t=0; t<count; t++) config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="";\n // refresh display since tiddlers have been imported\n store.notifyAll();\n // quick message area summary report\n var msg=(added+replaced+renamed+merged)+' of '+count+' tiddler'+((count!=1)?'s':"");\n msg+=' imported from '+config.macros.importTiddlers.src.replace(/\s\s/g,'/')\n displayMessage(msg);\n return;\n }\n // create the report tiddler (if not already present)\n var tiddler = store.getTiddler('ImportedTiddlers');\n if (!tiddler) // create new report tiddler if it doesn't exist\n {\n tiddler = new Tiddler();\n tiddler.title = 'ImportedTiddlers';\n tiddler.text = "";\n }\n // format the report header\n var now = new Date();\n var newText = "";\n newText += "On "+now.toLocaleString()+", "+config.options.txtUserName+" imported tiddlers from\sn";\n newText += "[["+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+"|"+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+"]]:\sn";\n newText += "<"+"<"+"<\sn";\n newText += "Out of "+count+" tiddler"+((count!=1)?"s ":" ")+" in {{{"+config.macros.importTiddlers.src.replace(/\s\s/g,'/')+"}}}:\sn";\n if (added+renamed>0)\n newText += (added+renamed)+" new tiddler"+(((added+renamed)!=1)?"s were":" was")+" added to your document.\sn";\n if (merged>0)\n newText += merged+" tiddler"+((merged!=1)?"s were":" was")+" merged with "+((merged!=1)?"":"an ")+"existing tiddler"+((merged!=1)?"s":"")+".\sn"; \n if (replaced>0)\n newText += replaced+" existing tiddler"+((replaced!=1)?"s were":" was")+" replaced.\sn"; \n if (skipped>0)\n newText += skipped+" tiddler"+((skipped!=1)?"s were":" was")+" skipped after asking.\sn"; \n if (omitted>0)\n newText += omitted+" tiddler"+((omitted!=1)?"s":"")+((omitted!=1)?" were":" was")+" not imported.\sn";\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags && config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags.trim().length)\n newText += "imported tiddlers were tagged with: \s""+config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags+"\s"\sn";\n // output the tiddler detail and reset status flags\n for (var t=0; t<count; t++)\n if (tiddlers[t].status!="")\n {\n newText += "#["+"["+tiddlers[t].title+"]"+"]";\n newText += ((tiddlers[t].status!="added")?("^^\sn"+tiddlers[t].status+"^^"):"")+"\sn";\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="";\n }\n newText += "<"+"<"+"<\sn";\n // output 'discard report' link\n newText += "<html><input type=\s"button\s" href=\s"javascript:;\s" ";\n newText += "onclick=\s"story.closeTiddler('"+tiddler.title+"'); store.deleteTiddler('"+tiddler.title+"');\s" ";\n newText += "value=\s"discard report\s"></html>";\n // update the ImportedTiddlers content and show the tiddler\n tiddler.text = newText+((tiddler.text!="")?'\sn----\sn':"")+tiddler.text;\n tiddler.modifier = config.options.txtUserName;\n tiddler.modified = new Date();\n store.addTiddler(tiddler);\n if (!quiet) story.displayTiddler(null,"ImportedTiddlers",1,null,null,false);\n story.refreshTiddler("ImportedTiddlers",1,true);\n // refresh the display\n store.notifyAll();\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''INTERFACE DEFINITION''\n\n// // Handle link click to create/show/hide control panel\n//{{{\nfunction onClickImportMenu(e)\n{\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n var parent=resolveTarget(e).parentNode;\n var panel = document.getElementById("importPanel");\n if (panel==undefined || panel.parentNode!=parent)\n panel=createImportPanel(parent);\n var isOpen = panel.style.display=="block";\n if(config.options.chkAnimate)\n anim.startAnimating(new Slider(panel,!isOpen,e.shiftKey || e.altKey,"none"));\n else\n panel.style.display = isOpen ? "none" : "block" ;\n e.cancelBubble = true;\n if (e.stopPropagation) e.stopPropagation();\n return(false);\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // Create control panel: HTML, CSS, register for notification\n//{{{\nfunction createImportPanel(place) {\n var panel=document.getElementById("importPanel");\n if (panel) { panel.parentNode.removeChild(panel); }\n setStylesheet(config.macros.importTiddlers.css,"importTiddlers");\n panel=createTiddlyElement(place,"span","importPanel",null,null)\n panel.innerHTML=config.macros.importTiddlers.html;\n store.addNotification(null,refreshImportList); // refresh listbox after every tiddler change\n refreshImportList();\n return panel;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // CSS\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.css = '\s\n#importPanel {\s\n display: none; position:absolute; z-index:11; width:35em; right:105%; top:3em;\s\n padding: 0.5em; margin:0em; text-align:left; font-size: 8pt;\s\n background-color: #eee; color:#000000; \s\n border:1px solid black; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-right-width: 3px; -moz-border-radius:1em;\s\n}\s\n#importPanel a { color:#009; }\s\n#importPanel input { width: 98%; margin: 1px; font-size:8pt; }\s\n#importPanel select { width: 98%; margin: 1px; font-size:8pt; }\s\n#importPanel .importButton { padding: 0em; margin: 0px; font-size:8pt; }\s\n#importPanel .importListButton { padding:0em 0.25em 0em 0.25em; color: #000000; display:inline }\s\n#importAskPanel { display:none; margin:0.5em 0em 0em 0em; }\s\n';\n//}}}\n\n// // HTML\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.importTiddlers.html = '\s\n<span style="float:left; padding:1px; white-space:nowrap">\s\n import from source document\s\n</span>\s\n<span style="float:right; padding:1px; white-space:nowrap">\s\n <input type=checkbox id="chkImportReport" checked style="height:1em; width:auto"\s\n onClick="config.options[\s'chkImportReport\s']=this.checked;">create a report\s\n</span>\s\n<input type="file" id="fileImportSource" size=56\s\n onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value"\s\n onChange="config.macros.importTiddlers.src=this.value;">\s\n<span style="float:left; padding:1px; white-space:nowrap">\s\n select:\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectAll"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select all tiddlers">\s\n &nbsp;all&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectNew"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers not already in destination document">\s\n &nbsp;added&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectChanges"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers that have been updated in source document">\s\n &nbsp;changes&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importSelectDifferences"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="select tiddlers that have been added or are different from existing tiddlers">\s\n &nbsp;differences&nbsp;</a> \s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importToggleFilter"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="show/hide selection filter">\s\n &nbsp;filter&nbsp;</a> \s\n</span>\s\n<span style="float:right; padding:1px; white-space:nowrap">\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListSmaller"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="reduce list size">\s\n &nbsp;&#150;&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListLarger"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="increase list size">\s\n &nbsp;+&nbsp;</a>\s\n <a href="JavaScript:;" id="importListMaximize"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)" title="maximize/restore list size">\s\n &nbsp;=&nbsp;</a>\s\n</span>\s\n<select id="importList" size=8 multiple\s\n onchange="setTimeout(\s'refreshImportList(\s'+this.selectedIndex+\s')\s',1)">\s\n <!-- NOTE: delay refresh so list is updated AFTER onchange event is handled -->\s\n</select>\s\n<input type=checkbox id="chkAddTags" checked style="height:1em; width:auto"\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags=this.checked;">add new tags &nbsp;\s\n<input type=checkbox id="chkImportTags" checked style="height:1em; width:auto"\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.importTags=this.checked;">import source tags &nbsp;\s\n<input type=checkbox id="chkKeepTags" checked style="height:1em; width:auto"\s\n onClick="config.macros.importTiddlers.keepTags=this.checked;">keep existing tags\s\n<input type=text id="txtNewTags" size=15 onKeyUp="config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags=this.value" autocomplete=off>\s\n<div align=center>\s\n <input type=button id="importOpen" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="open"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importStart" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="import"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importClose" class="importButton" style="width:32%" value="close"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n</div>\s\n<div id="importAskPanel">\s\n tiddler already exists:\s\n <input type=text id="importNewTitle" size=15 autocomplete=off">\s\n <div align=center>\s\n <input type=button id="importSkip" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="skip"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importRename" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="rename"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importMerge" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="merge"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n <input type=button id="importReplace" class="importButton" style="width:23%" value="replace"\s\n onclick="onClickImportButton(this)">\s\n </div>\s\n</div>\s\n';\n//}}}\n\n// // refresh listbox\n//{{{\nfunction refreshImportList(selectedIndex)\n{\n var theList = document.getElementById("importList");\n if (!theList) return;\n // if nothing to show, reset list content and size\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) \n {\n while (theList.length > 0) { theList.options[0] = null; }\n theList.options[0]=new Option('please open a document...',"",false,false);\n theList.size=config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize;\n return;\n }\n // get the sort order\n if (!selectedIndex) selectedIndex=0;\n if (selectedIndex==0) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='title'; // heading\n if (selectedIndex==1) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='title';\n if (selectedIndex==2) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='modified';\n if (selectedIndex==3) config.macros.importTiddlers.sort='tags';\n if (selectedIndex>3) {\n // display selected tiddler count\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) count+=(theList.options[t].selected&&theList.options[t].value!="")?1:0;\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n return; // no refresh needed\n }\n\n // get the alphasorted list of tiddlers (optionally, filter out unchanged tiddlers)\n var tiddlers=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound;\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a['title'] == b['title']) return(0); else return (a['title'] < b['title']) ? -1 : +1; });\n // clear current list contents\n while (theList.length > 0) { theList.options[0] = null; }\n // add heading and control items to list\n var i=0;\n var indent=String.fromCharCode(160)+String.fromCharCode(160);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(tiddlers.length+' tiddler'+((tiddlers.length!=1)?'s are':' is')+' in the document',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="title" )?">":indent)+' [by title]',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="modified")?">":indent)+' [by date]',"",false,false);\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(((config.macros.importTiddlers.sort=="tags")?">":indent)+' [by tags]',"",false,false);\n // output the tiddler list\n switch(config.macros.importTiddlers.sort)\n {\n case "title":\n for(var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++)\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(tiddlers[t].title,tiddlers[t].title,false,false);\n break;\n case "modified":\n // sort descending for newest date first\n tiddlers.sort(function (a,b) {if(a['modified'] == b['modified']) return(0); else return (a['modified'] > b['modified']) ? -1 : +1; });\n var lastSection = "";\n for(var t = 0; t < tiddlers.length; t++) {\n var tiddler = tiddlers[t];\n var theSection = tiddler.modified.toLocaleDateString();\n if (theSection != lastSection) {\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(theSection,"",false,false);\n lastSection = theSection;\n }\n theList.options[i++] = new Option(indent+indent+tiddler.title,tiddler.title,false,false);\n }\n break;\n case "tags":\n var theTitles = {}; // all tiddler titles, hash indexed by tag value\n var theTags = new Array();\n for(var t=0; t<tiddlers.length; t++) {\n var title=tiddlers[t].title;\n var tags=tiddlers[t].tags;\n for(var s=0; s<tags.length; s++) {\n if (theTitles[tags[s]]==undefined) { theTags.push(tags[s]); theTitles[tags[s]]=new Array(); }\n theTitles[tags[s]].push(title);\n }\n }\n theTags.sort();\n for(var tagindex=0; tagindex<theTags.length; tagindex++) {\n var theTag=theTags[tagindex];\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(theTag,"",false,false);\n for(var t=0; t<theTitles[theTag].length; t++)\n theList.options[i++]=new Option(indent+indent+theTitles[theTag][t],theTitles[theTag][t],false,false);\n }\n break;\n }\n theList.selectedIndex=selectedIndex; // select current control item\n if (theList.size<config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize) theList.size=config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize;\n if (theList.size>theList.options.length) theList.size=theList.options.length;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // Control interactions\n//{{{\nfunction onClickImportButton(which)\n{\n // DEBUG alert(which.id);\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n if (!theList) return;\n var thePanel = document.getElementById('importPanel');\n var theAskPanel = document.getElementById('importAskPanel');\n var theNewTitle = document.getElementById('importNewTitle');\n var count=0;\n switch (which.id)\n {\n case 'fileImportSource':\n case 'importOpen': // load import source into hidden frame\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=null; // clear the imported tiddler buffer\n refreshImportList(); // reset/resize the listbox\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.src=="") break;\n // Load document into hidden iframe so we can read it's DOM and fill the list\n loadImportFile(config.macros.importTiddlers.src,"all",null,null,function(src,filter,quiet,ask){window.refreshImportList(0);});\n break;\n case 'importSelectAll': // select all tiddler list items (i.e., not headings)\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n theList.options[t].selected=true;\n count++;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectNew': // select tiddlers not in current document\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n theList.options[t].selected=!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value);\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectChanges': // select tiddlers that are updated from existing tiddlers\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value==""||!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value)) continue;\n for (var i=0; i<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length; i++) // find matching inbound tiddler\n { var inbound=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[i]; if (inbound.title==theList.options[t].value) break; }\n theList.options[t].selected=(inbound.modified-store.getTiddler(theList.options[t].value).modified>0); // updated tiddler\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importSelectDifferences': // select tiddlers that are new or different from existing tiddlers\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n for (var t=0,count=0; t < theList.options.length; t++) {\n theList.options[t].selected=false;\n if (theList.options[t].value=="") continue;\n if (!store.tiddlerExists(theList.options[t].value)) { theList.options[t].selected=true; count++; continue; }\n for (var i=0; i<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length; i++) // find matching inbound tiddler\n { var inbound=config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[i]; if (inbound.title==theList.options[t].value) break; }\n theList.options[t].selected=(inbound.modified-store.getTiddler(theList.options[t].value).modified!=0); // changed tiddler\n count+=theList.options[t].selected?1:0;\n }\n clearMessage(); displayMessage(config.macros.importTiddlers.countMsg.format([count]));\n break;\n case 'importToggleFilter': // show/hide filter\n case 'importFilter': // apply filter\n alert("coming soon!");\n break;\n case 'importStart': // initiate the import processing\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(0);\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importClose': // unload imported tiddlers or hide the import control panel\n // if imported tiddlers not loaded, close the import control panel\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) { thePanel.style.display='none'; break; }\n importReport(); // if an import was in progress, generate a report\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound=null; // clear the imported tiddler buffer\n refreshImportList(); // reset/resize the listbox\n break;\n case 'importSkip': // don't import the tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n theImported.status='skipped after asking'; // mark item as skipped\n theAskPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index+1); // resume with NEXT item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importRename': // change name of imported tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n theImported.status = 'renamed from '+theImported.title; // mark item as renamed\n theImported.set(theNewTitle.value,null,null,null,null); // change the tiddler title\n theItem.value = theNewTitle.value; // change the listbox item text\n theItem.text = theNewTitle.value; // change the listbox item text\n theAskPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with THIS item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importMerge': // join existing and imported tiddler content\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theItem.value);\n var theText = theExisting.text+'\sn----\sn^^merged from: [['+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+'#'+theItem.value+'|'+config.macros.importTiddlers.src+'#'+theItem.value+']]^^\sn^^'+theImported.modified.toLocaleString()+' by '+theImported.modifier+'^^\sn'+theImported.text;\n var theDate = new Date();\n var theTags = theExisting.getTags()+' '+theImported.getTags();\n theImported.set(null,theText,null,theDate,theTags);\n theImported.status = 'merged with '+theExisting.title; // mark item as merged\n theImported.status += ' - '+theExisting.modified.formatString("MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss");\n theImported.status += ' by '+theExisting.modifier;\n theAskPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with this item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importReplace': // substitute imported tiddler for existing tiddler\n var theItem = theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index];\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==theItem.value) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theItem.value);\n theImported.status = 'replaces '+theExisting.title; // mark item for replace\n theImported.status += ' - '+theExisting.modified.formatString("MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss");\n theImported.status += ' by '+theExisting.modifier;\n theAskPanel.style.display='none';\n config.macros.importTiddlers.index=importTiddlers(config.macros.importTiddlers.index); // resume with THIS item\n importStopped();\n break;\n case 'importListSmaller': // decrease current listbox size, minimum=5\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size-=(theList.size>5)?1:0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize=theList.size;\n break;\n case 'importListLarger': // increase current listbox size, maximum=number of items in list\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size+=(theList.size<theList.options.length)?1:0;\n config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize=theList.size;\n break;\n case 'importListMaximize': // toggle listbox size between current and maximum\n if (theList.options.length==1) break;\n theList.size=(theList.size==theList.options.length)?config.macros.importTiddlers.listsize:theList.options.length;\n break;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // re-entrant processing for handling import with interactive collision prompting\n//{{{\nfunction importTiddlers(startIndex)\n{\n if (!config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound) return -1;\n\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n if (!theList) return;\n var t;\n // if starting new import, reset import status flags\n if (startIndex==0)\n for (var t=0;t<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;t++)\n config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[t].status="";\n for (var i=startIndex; i<theList.options.length; i++)\n {\n // if list item is not selected or is a heading (i.e., has no value), skip it\n if ((!theList.options[i].selected) || ((t=theList.options[i].value)==""))\n continue;\n for (var j=0;j<config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound.length;j++)\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j].title==t) break;\n var theImported = config.macros.importTiddlers.inbound[j];\n var theExisting = store.getTiddler(theImported.title);\n // avoid redundant import for tiddlers that are listed multiple times (when 'by tags')\n if (theImported.status=="added")\n continue;\n // don't import the "ImportedTiddlers" history from the other document...\n if (theImported.title=='ImportedTiddlers')\n continue;\n // if tiddler exists and import not marked for replace or merge, stop importing\n if (theExisting && (theImported.status.substr(0,7)!="replace") && (theImported.status.substr(0,5)!="merge"))\n return i;\n // assemble tags (remote + existing + added)\n var newTags = "";\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.importTags)\n newTags+=theImported.getTags() // import remote tags\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.keepTags && theExisting)\n newTags+=" "+theExisting.getTags(); // keep existing tags\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.addTags && config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags.trim().length)\n newTags+=" "+config.macros.importTiddlers.newTags; // add new tags\n theImported.set(null,null,null,null,newTags.trim());\n // set the status to 'added' (if not already set by the 'ask the user' UI)\n theImported.status=(theImported.status=="")?'added':theImported.status;\n // do the import!\n store.addTiddler(theImported);\n store.setDirty(true);\n }\n return(-1); // signals that we really finished the entire list\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nfunction importStopped()\n{\n var theList = document.getElementById('importList');\n var theNewTitle = document.getElementById('importNewTitle');\n if (!theList) return;\n if (config.macros.importTiddlers.index==-1)\n importReport(); // import finished... generate the report\n else\n {\n // DEBUG alert('import stopped at: '+config.macros.importTiddlers.index);\n // import collision... show the ask panel and set the title edit field\n document.getElementById('importAskPanel').style.display='block';\n theNewTitle.value=theList.options[config.macros.importTiddlers.index].value;\n }\n}\n//}}}\n
/***\n| Name:|QuickOpenTagPlugin|\n| Purpose:|Makes tag links into a Taggly style open tag plus a normal style drop down menu|\n| Creator:|SimonBaird|\n| Source:|http://simonbaird.com/mptw/#QuickOpenTagPlugin|\n| Requires:|TW 2.x|\n| Version|1.1 (7-Feb-06)|\n\n!History\n* Version 1.1 (07/02/2006)\n** Fix Firefox crashes\n** Updated by ~BidiX[at]~BidiX.info\n* Version 1.0 (?/01/2006)\n** First release\n\n***/\n//{{{\n\n//⊻ ⊽ ⋁ ▼ \n\nwindow.createTagButton_orig_mptw = createTagButton;\nwindow.createTagButton = function(place,tag,excludeTiddler) {\n var sp = createTiddlyElement(place,"span",null,"quickopentag");\n createTiddlyLink(sp,tag,true,"button");\n var theTag = createTiddlyButton(sp,config.macros.miniTag.dropdownchar,config.views.wikified.tag.tooltip.format([tag]),onClickTag);\n theTag.setAttribute("tag",tag);\n if(excludeTiddler)\n theTag.setAttribute("tiddler",excludeTiddler);\n return(theTag);\n};\n\nconfig.macros.miniTag = {handler:function(place,macroName,params,wikifier,paramString,tiddler) {\n var tagged = store.getTaggedTiddlers(tiddler.title);\n if (tagged.length > 0) {\n var theTag = createTiddlyButton(place,config.macros.miniTag.dropdownchar,config.views.wikified.tag.tooltip.format([tiddler.title]),onClickTag);\n theTag.setAttribute("tag",tiddler.title);\n theTag.className = "miniTag";\n }\n}};\n\nconfig.macros.miniTag.dropdownchar = (document.all?"▼":"▾"); // the fat one is the only one that works in IE\n\nconfig.macros.allTags.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var tags = store.getTags();\n var theDateList = createTiddlyElement(place,"ul",null,null,null);\n if(tags.length === 0)\n createTiddlyElement(theDateList,"li",null,"listTitle",this.noTags);\n for (var t=0; t<tags.length; t++)\n {\n var theListItem =createTiddlyElement(theDateList,"li",null,null,null);\n var theLink = createTiddlyLink(theListItem,tags[t][0],true);\n var theCount = " (" + tags[t][1] + ")";\n theLink.appendChild(document.createTextNode(theCount));\n\n var theDropDownBtn = createTiddlyButton(theListItem," "+config.macros.miniTag.dropdownchar,this.tooltip.format([tags[t][0]]),onClickTag);\n theDropDownBtn.setAttribute("tag",tags[t][0]);\n }\n};\n\n\nsetStylesheet(\n ".quickopentag { margin-right:1.2em; border:1px solid #eee; padding:2px; padding-right:0px; padding-left:1px; }\sn"+\n ".quickopentag .tiddlyLink { padding:2px; padding-left:3px; }\sn"+\n ".quickopentag a.button { padding:1px; padding-left:2px; padding-right:2px;}\sn"+\n "a.miniTag {font-size:150%;}\sn"+\n "",\n"QuickOpenTagStyles");\n\n//}}}\n\n/***\n<html>&#x22bb; &#x22bd; &#x22c1; &#x25bc; &#x25be;</html>\n***/\n
/***\n''SearchOptionsPlugin for TiddlyWiki version 2.0''\n^^author: Eric Shulman - ELS Design Studios\nsource: http://www.TiddlyTools.com/#SearchOptionsPlugin\nlicense: [[Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License|http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/]]^^\n\nThe TiddlyWiki search function normally looks in both tiddler titles and tiddler body content ('text'). However, narrowing the search so that it examines only titles or only text, or expanding the search to include text contained in tiddler tags can be very helpful, especially when searching on common words or phrases. In addition, it is often useful for the search results to show tiddlers with matching titles before tiddlers that contain matching text or tags.\n\n!!!!!Usage\n<<<\nThis plugin adds checkboxes (see below and in AdvancedOptions) to let you selectively configure the TiddlyWiki search function to just examine any combination of tiddler titles, text, or tags. It also provides an option to switch the search results order between 'titles mixed in' (default) and 'titles shown first', as well as an option display the search results as a list of links (in an auto-generated "SearchResults" tiddler), rather than actually displaying all matching tiddlers. You can also enable/disable the "incremental search" (key-by-key searching), so that a search is only initiated when you press the ENTER key or click on the "search:" prompt text.\n<<<\n!!!!!Configuration\n<<<\nIn additional to the checkboxes in AdvancedOptions, a self-contained control panel is included here for your convenience:\n<<option chkSearchTitles>> Search tiddler titles\n<<option chkSearchText>> Search tiddler text\n<<option chkSearchTags>> Search in tiddler tags\n<<option chkSearchTitlesFirst>> Show title matches first\n<<option chkSearchList>> Show list of matching tiddlers\n<<option chkSearchIncremental>> Incremental searching\n<<<\n!!!!!Installation\n<<<\nimport (or copy/paste) the following tiddlers into your document:\n''SearchOptionsPlugin'' (tagged with <<tag systemConfig>>)\n^^documentation and javascript for SearchOptionsPlugin handling^^\n\nWhen installed, this plugin automatically adds checkboxes in the AdvancedOptions shadow tiddler so you can enable/disable the extended search behavior. However, if you have customized your AdvancedOptions, you will need to manually add {{{<<option chkSearchTitles>>}}}, {{{<<option chkSearchText>>}}} and {{{<<option chkSearchTitlesFirst>>}}} (with suitable prompt text) to your customized tiddler.\n<<<\n!!!!!Revision History\n<<<\n''2006.02.03 [2.2.1]''\nrewrite timeout clearing code and blank search text handling to match 2.0.4 core release changes. note that core no longer permits "blank=all" searches, so neither does this plugin. To search for all, use "." with text patterns enabled.\n''2006.02.02 [2.2.0]''\nin search.handler(), KeyHandler() function clears 'left over' timeout when search input is < 3 chars. Prevents searching on shorter text when shortened by rapid backspaces (<500msec)\n''2006.02.01 [2.1.9]''\nin Story.prototype.search(), correct inverted logic for using/not using regular expressions when searching\nalso, blank search text now presents "No search text. Continue anyway?" confirm() message box, so search on blank can still be processed if desired by user.\n''2006.02.01 [2.1.8]''\nin doSearch(), added alert/return if search text is blank\n''2006.01.20 [2.1.7]''\nfixed setting of config.macros.search.reportTitle so that Tweaks can override it.\n''2006.01.19 [2.1.6]''\nimproved SearchResults formatting, added a "search again" form to the report (based on a suggestion from MorrisGray)\ndefine results report title using config.macros.search.reportTitle instead of hard-coding the tiddler title\n''2006.01.18 [2.1.5]''\nCreated separate functions for reportSearchResults(text,matches) and discardSearchResults(), so that other developers can create alternative report generators.\n''2006.01.17 [2.1.4]''\nUse regExp.search() instead of regExp.test() to scan for matches. Correctd the problem where only half the matching tiddlers (the odd-numbered ones) were being reported.\n''2006.01.15 [2.1.3]''\nAdded information (date/time, username, search options used) to SearchResults output\n''2006.01.10 [2.1.2]''\nuse displayTiddlers() to render matched tiddlers. This lets you display multiple matching tiddlers, even if SinglePageModePlugin is enabled.\n''2006.01.08 [2.1.1]''\ncorrected invalid variable reference, "txt.value" to "text" in story.search()\n''2006.01.08 [2.1.0]''\nre-write to match new store.search(), store.search.handler() and story.search() functions.\n''2005.12.30 [2.0.0]''\nUpgraded to TW2.0\nwhen rendering SearchResults tiddler, closeTiddler() first to ensure display is refreshed.\n''2005.12.26 [1.4.0]''\nadded option to search for matching text in tiddler tags\n''2005.12.21 [1.3.7]''\nuse \s\s to 'escape' single quotes in tiddler titles when generating "Open all matching tiddlers" link. Also, added access key: "O", to trigger "open all" link.\nBased on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.\n''2005.12.18 [1.3.6]''\ncall displayMessage() AFTER showing matching tiddlers so message is not cleared too soon\n''2005.12.17 [1.3.5]''\nif no matches found, just display message and delete any existing SearchResults tiddler.\n''2005.12.17 [1.3.4]''\nuse """{{{""" and """}}}""" to 'escape' display text in SearchResults tiddler to ensure that formatting contained in search string is not rendered \nBased on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.\n''2005.12.14 [1.3.3]''\ntag SearchResults tiddler with 'excludeSearch' so it won't list itself in subsequent searches\nBased on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.\n''2005.12.14 [1.3.2]''\nadded "open all matching tiddlers..." link to search results output.\nBased on a suggestion by UdoBorkowski.\n''2005.12.10 [1.3.1]''\nadded "discard search results" link to end of search list tiddler output for quick self-removal of 'SearchResults' tiddler.\n''2005.12.01 [1.3.0]''\nadded chkSearchIncremental to enable/disable 'incremental' searching (i.e., search after each keystroke) (default is ENABLED).\nadded handling for Enter key so it can be used to start a search.\nBased on a suggestion by LyallPearce\n''2005.11.25 [1.2.1]''\nrenamed from SearchTitleOrTextPlugin to SearchOptionsPlugin\n''2005.11.25 [1.2.0]''\nadded chkSearchList option\nBased on a suggestion by RodneyGomes\n''2005.10.19 [1.1.0]''\nadded chkSearchTitlesFirst option.\nBased on a suggestion by ChristianHauck\n''2005.10.18 [1.0.0]''\nInitial Release\n<<<\n!!!!!Credits\n<<<\nThis feature was developed by EricShulman from [[ELS Design Studios|http:/www.elsdesign.com]].\nBased on a suggestion by LyallPearce.\n<<<\n!!!!!Code\n***/\n//{{{\nversion.extensions.SearchTitleOrText = {major: 2, minor: 2, revision: 1, date: new Date(2006,2,3)};\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nif (config.options.chkSearchTitles==undefined) config.options.chkSearchTitles=true;\nif (config.options.chkSearchText==undefined) config.options.chkSearchText=true;\nif (config.options.chkSearchTags==undefined) config.options.chkSearchTags=true;\nif (config.options.chkSearchTitlesFirst==undefined) config.options.chkSearchTitlesFirst=false;\nif (config.options.chkSearchList==undefined) config.options.chkSearchList=false;\nif (config.options.chkSearchIncremental==undefined) config.options.chkSearchIncremental=true;\n\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchTitles>> Search in tiddler titles";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchText>> Search in tiddler text";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchTags>> Search in tiddler tags";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchTitlesFirst>> Search results show title matches first";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchList>> Search results show list of matching tiddlers";\nconfig.shadowTiddlers.AdvancedOptions += "\sn<<option chkSearchIncremental>> Incremental searching";\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nif (config.macros.search.reportTitle==undefined)\n config.macros.search.reportTitle="SearchResults";\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nconfig.macros.search.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var lastSearchText = "";\n var searchTimeout = null;\n var doSearch = function(txt)\n {\n if (txt.value.length>0)\n {\n story.search(txt.value,config.options.chkCaseSensitiveSearch,config.options.chkRegExpSearch);\n lastSearchText = txt.value;\n }\n };\n var clickHandler = function(e)\n {\n doSearch(this.nextSibling);\n return false;\n };\n var keyHandler = function(e)\n {\n if (!e) var e = window.event;\n switch(e.keyCode)\n {\n case 13: // ELS: handle enter key\n doSearch(this);\n break;\n case 27:\n this.value = "";\n clearMessage();\n break;\n }\n if (config.options.chkSearchIncremental)\n {\n if(this.value.length > 2)\n {\n if(this.value != lastSearchText)\n {\n if(searchTimeout) clearTimeout(searchTimeout);\n var txt = this;\n searchTimeout = setTimeout(function() {doSearch(txt);},500);\n }\n }\n else\n if(searchTimeout) clearTimeout(searchTimeout);\n }\n };\n var focusHandler = function(e)\n {\n this.select();\n };\n var btn = createTiddlyButton(place,this.label,this.prompt,clickHandler);\n var txt = createTiddlyElement(place,"input",null,null,null);\n if(params[0])\n txt.value = params[0];\n txt.onkeyup = keyHandler;\n txt.onfocus = focusHandler;\n txt.setAttribute("size",this.sizeTextbox);\n txt.setAttribute("accessKey",this.accessKey);\n txt.setAttribute("autocomplete","off");\n if(config.browser.isSafari)\n {\n txt.setAttribute("type","search");\n txt.setAttribute("results","5");\n }\n else\n txt.setAttribute("type","text");\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nStory.prototype.search = function(text,useCaseSensitive,useRegExp)\n{\n highlightHack = new RegExp(useRegExp ? text : text.escapeRegExp(),useCaseSensitive ? "mg" : "img");\n var matches = store.search(highlightHack,"title","excludeSearch");\n var q = useRegExp ? "/" : "'";\n clearMessage();\n if (!matches.length) {\n if (config.options.chkSearchList) discardSearchResults();\n displayMessage(config.macros.search.failureMsg.format([q+text+q]));\n } else {\n if (config.options.chkSearchList) \n reportSearchResults(text,matches);\n else {\n var titles = []; for(var t=0; t<matches.length; t++) titles.push(matches[t].title);\n this.closeAllTiddlers(); story.displayTiddlers(null,titles);\n displayMessage(config.macros.search.successMsg.format([matches.length, q+text+q]));\n }\n }\n highlightHack = null;\n}\n//}}}\n\n//{{{\nTiddlyWiki.prototype.search = function(searchRegExp,sortField,excludeTag)\n{\n var candidates = this.reverseLookup("tags",excludeTag,false,sortField);\n\n // scan for matching titles\n var title_results = [];\n if (config.options.chkSearchTitles)\n for(var t=0; t<candidates.length; t++)\n if(candidates[t].title.search(searchRegExp)!=-1)\n title_results.push(candidates[t]);\n\n // scan for matching text\n var text_results = [];\n if (config.options.chkSearchText)\n for(var t=0; t<candidates.length; t++)\n if(candidates[t].text.search(searchRegExp)!=-1)\n text_results.push(candidates[t]);\n\n // scan for matching tags\n var tag_results = [];\n if (config.options.chkSearchTags)\n for(var t=0; t<candidates.length; t++)\n if(candidates[t].tags.join(" ").search(searchRegExp)!=-1)\n tag_results.push(candidates[t]);\n\n // merge the results, eliminating redundant matches\n var results = [];\n for(var t=0; t<title_results.length; t++) results.pushUnique(title_results[t]);\n for(var t=0; t<text_results.length; t++) results.pushUnique(text_results[t]);\n for(var t=0; t<tag_results.length; t++) results.pushUnique(tag_results[t]);\n\n // if not 'titles first', re-sort results to so titles, text and tag matches are mixed together\n if(!sortField) sortField = "title";\n var bySortField=function (a,b) {if(a[sortField] == b[sortField]) return(0); else return (a[sortField] < b[sortField]) ? -1 : +1; }\n if (!config.options.chkSearchTitlesFirst) results.sort(bySortField);\n return results;\n}\n//}}}\n\n// // ''REPORT GENERATOR''\n//{{{\nif (!window.reportSearchResults) window.reportSearchResults=function(text,matches)\n{\n var title=config.macros.search.reportTitle\n var q = config.options.chkRegExpSearch ? "/" : "'";\n var body="";\n\n // summary: nn tiddlers found matching '...', options used\n body+="''"+config.macros.search.successMsg.format([matches.length,q+"{{{"+text+"}}}"+q])+"''\sn";\n body+="^^//searched in:// ";\n body+=(config.options.chkSearchTitles?"''titles'' ":"");\n body+=(config.options.chkSearchText?"''text'' ":"");\n body+=(config.options.chkSearchTags?"''tags'' ":"");\n if (config.options.chkCaseSensitiveSearch||config.options.chkRegExpSearch) {\n body+=" //with options:// ";\n body+=(config.options.chkCaseSensitiveSearch?"''case sensitive'' ":"");\n body+=(config.options.chkRegExpSearch?"''text patterns'' ":"");\n }\n body+="^^";\n\n // numbered list of links to matching tiddlers\n body+="\sn<<<";\n for(var t=0;t<matches.length;t++) body+="\sn# [["+matches[t].title+"]]";\n body+="\sn<<<\sn";\n\n // open all matches button\n body+="<html><input type=\s"button\s" href=\s"javascript:;\s" ";\n body+="onclick=\s"story.displayTiddlers(null,["\n for(var t=0;t<matches.length;t++)\n body+="'"+matches[t].title.replace(/\s'/mg,"\s\s'")+"'"+((t<matches.length-1)?", ":"");\n body+="],1);\s" ";\n body+="accesskey=\s"O\s" ";\n body+="value=\s"open all matching tiddlers\s"></html> ";\n\n // discard search results button\n body+="<html><input type=\s"button\s" href=\s"javascript:;\s" ";\n body+="onclick=\s"story.closeTiddler('"+title+"'); store.deleteTiddler('"+title+"');\s" ";\n body+="value=\s"discard "+title+"\s"></html>";\n\n // search again\n body+="\sn\sn----\sn";\n body+="<<search \s""+text+"\s">> ";\n body+="<<option chkSearchTitles>>titles ";\n body+="<<option chkSearchText>>text ";\n body+="<<option chkSearchTags>>tags";\n body+="<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>>case-sensitive ";\n body+="<<option chkRegExpSearch>>text patterns";\n\n // create/update the tiddler\n var tiddler=store.getTiddler(title); if (!tiddler) tiddler=new Tiddler();\n tiddler.set(title,body,config.options.txtUserName,(new Date()),"excludeLists excludeSearch");\n store.addTiddler(tiddler); story.closeTiddler(title);\n\n // use alternate "search again" label in <<search>> macro\n var oldprompt=config.macros.search.label;\n config.macros.search.label="search again";\n\n // render tiddler\n story.displayTiddler(null,title,1); // force refresh\n\n // restore standard search label\n config.macros.search.label=oldprompt;\n\n}\n\nif (!window.discardSearchResults) window.discardSearchResults=function()\n{\n // remove the tiddler\n story.closeTiddler(config.macros.search.reportTitle);\n store.deleteTiddler(config.macros.search.reportTitle);\n}\n//}}}\n\n\n
config.macros.listTags = { text: "Hello" };\nconfig.macros.listTags.handler = function(place,macroName,params)\n{\n var tagged = store.getTaggedTiddlers(params[0]);\n var ul = createTiddlyElement(place,"ul",null,null,"");\n for(var r=0;r<tagged.length;r++)\n {\n var li = createTiddlyElement(ul,"li",null,null,"");\n createTiddlyLink(li,tagged[r].title,true);\n }\n}
/***\nPre-check AutoSave\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.options.chkAutoSave = true;\n//}}}\n/***\nPre-check SinglePageMode\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.options.chkSinglePageMode=false;\n//}}}\n\n/***\nPre-check SearchList\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.options.chkSearchList=true;\n//}}}\n/***\nChange "close" message to "X"\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.messages.messageClose.text = "X";\n//}}}\n/***\nRemove default "The tiddler '%0' doesn't yet exist. Double-click to create it" Tiddler body message\n***/\n//{{{\nconfig.views.wikified.defaultText = ""; \n//}}}
This is a list of Plugins that are currently installed and in use at [[TiddlyWikiTips.com]].\n\nClicking a Plugin on the left will open it for you to view. \n\nIf you want to use any of these Plugins on //your// TiddlyWiki, just edit the Plugin, Copy and Paste the text into a new Tiddler in your TiddlyWiki file, and Tag it as "systemConfig". The next time you reload your TiddlyWiki file, the Plugin will be active...simple as that!
A real once in a life-time opportunity for your fiction.\n\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Alison_king.gif]]\n\nAs the most successful company in our business and increasingly these days our business is business itself, we at DIGITALk understand that sometimes opportunity rather than mere money is what drives artists, creators, writers and designers to do their best work. So we are offering one lucky winner the opportunity to join a DIGITALk company at at senior creative management level, with the salary and benefits that are among the best in the world. There are several world renowned and highly respected companies available to choose from and only one lucky winner will make that choice.\n\nWe were just kidding about the money, in addition to the opportunity of a senior creative management position, the winner will receive $25,000 in cash and several thousand dollars worth of computer applications. The winner will also have the opportunity of seeing their fiction become a reality as the full development resources are invested in developing your idea for market or exhibition, distribution, production or all of these. You main responsibility in your position will be to act as creative consultant to your own project. \n\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n\nThere are no other prizes but all ten finalists will receive a Fujitsu Siemens LIFEBOOK S6410 tablet PC.
Click on any of the resources listed at the left to discover lots of links to more information, more uses, and more resoruces to broaden your TiddlyWiki experience!
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/Rules.gif]]\n\nOne entry per individual. Maximum word counts of 250 words per digital fiction script (or equivalent).\nFormat can be any digital medium. Paper entries will not be accepted.\n\nJudging criteria will be:\nIdeas content. Creativity. Digital Innovation.\n\nRules conformity.\nAll entries must be submitted to us by January 1st 2008.\n\nAll entries will receive sequential competition numbers on a first come first served basis.\n\nJudging will take place over the following two weeks and ten lucky finalists will be announced on January 7th 2007.\n\nJudges Decision is final.\n\nNo correspondence will be entered into.\n\nThe winning entrant must waive all exclusive rights to their work to allow DIGITALk to develop or implement the digital fiction design.\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n\nThe copyright of the finished work will reside with DIGITALk\n[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]\n
''7 tiddlers found matching '{{{gett}}}'''\n^^//searched in:// ''titles'' ''text'' ''tags'' ^^\n<<<\n# [[GettingStarted]]\n# [[Plugin DefaultHome]]\n# [[Plugin ForEachTiddler]]\n# [[Plugin ImportTiddlers]]\n# [[Plugin QuickOpenTag]]\n# [[Plugin SearchOptions]]\n# [[Plugin listTags]]\n<<<\n<html><input type="button" href="javascript:;" onclick="story.displayTiddlers(null,['GettingStarted', 'Plugin DefaultHome', 'Plugin ForEachTiddler', 'Plugin ImportTiddlers', 'Plugin QuickOpenTag', 'Plugin SearchOptions', 'Plugin listTags'],1);" accesskey="O" value="open all matching tiddlers"></html> <html><input type="button" href="javascript:;" onclick="story.closeTiddler('SearchResults'); store.deleteTiddler('SearchResults');" value="discard SearchResults"></html>\n\n----\n<<search "gett">> <<option chkSearchTitles>>titles <<option chkSearchText>>text <<option chkSearchTags>>tags<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>>case-sensitive <<option chkRegExpSearch>>text patterns
This site is currently experiencing technical problems and will temporarily close for maintainence. We thank you all in advance for your patience.
It is with regret that we must acknowledge that technical problems and site downtime we are have suffered from are due to a virus attack. Our technical team are working as fast and as smart as they can to resolve current issues. More information will follow. The technical team have asked us to point out that all competition entries remain unaffected and each is individually I.P. logged - thus all communications with the site has been recorded and are traceable.
While we are very happy to announce that our site is once again LIVE !.\nWe here, at both Clevercelt and [[DIGITALk]] are extremely disappointed to discover that the source of the virus attack was one or more of the finalist's entries.\n\nIn consultation with the proper authorities we are currently investigating this incident as the original virus that caused our site downtime has now mutated releasing a malicous worm that has spread to the [[DIGITALk]] network's mainframe computers.
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DFC.gif]]\n........................................................................................................For all digital fiction enthusiasts on the web..........................................................................................................\n\n.................................................................................................................[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DT.gif]]............................................................................................................................
[img[http://www.clevercelt.com/images/DFC.gif]]DIGITALk FICTION DESIGN COMPETITION
/***\nIncluded Styles\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n[[Styles TagglyTagging]]\n[[Styles HorizontalMainMenu]]\n[[Styles MessageArea]]\n[[Styles SideBarOptions]]\n[[Styles Calendar]]\n[[Styles Editor]]\n[[Styles Breadcrumbs]]\n/*}}}*/\n\n/***\nCosmetic fixes\n***/\n/*{{{*/\nh1,h2,h3,h4,h5 { color: #000; background: transparent; }\n\nbody { \n background: #eee; }\n\n.headerShadow {\n padding: 1.0em; }\n\n.headerForeground {\n padding: 1.0em; }\n\n.selected .tagging, .selected .tagged {\n padding: 0.5em;\n background-color: #eee;\n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 3px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 3px solid #ccc; \n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n.shadow .title {\n color: #999; }\n\n.siteTitle {\n font-size: 2.5em; }\n\n.siteSubtitle {\n font-size: 1.0em; }\n\n.tabSelected{\n padding-top: 0.0em;\n padding-left: 1em;\n padding-right: 1em;\n -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0.5em; \n -moz-border-radius-topright: 0.5em;}\n\n.tabUnselected {\n padding-top: 0.0em;\n padding-left: 1em;\n padding-right: 1em;\n -moz-border-radius-topleft: 0.5em; \n -moz-border-radius-topright: 0.5em;}\n\n.tabContents {\n margin: 0px;\n padding-top: 0px;\n padding-bottom: 0px;\n padding-left: 2px;\n padding-right: 2px;\n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n.tagging, .tagged {\n padding: 0.5em;\n background-color: #eee;\n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 3px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 3px solid #ccc; \n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n.tiddler {\n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 3px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 3px solid #ccc; \n margin: 0.5em; \n background:#fff; \n padding: 0.5em; \n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n.title {\n color:black; \n font-size: 2em; }\n\n.viewer .listTitle { \n list-style-type: none; \n margin-left: -2em; }\n\n.viewer pre { \n background-color: #f8f8ff; \n border-color: #ddf }\n\n/*}}}*/\n
@media print {\n#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, #breadCrumbs, #topMenu, .siteTitle, .siteSubtitle {display: none ! important;}\n#displayArea {margin: 0.5em 0.5em 0em 0.5em;}\n}\n
These Styles represent all of the CSS Style data that control the look and feel of this site.\n\nNote that I recently "modularized" the StyleSheet Tiddler so that "Styles xxxx" Tiddlers are "called" by StyleSheet. This makes for better troubleshooting.\n\nIf you wish to use these Styles, please be sure to copy them all, because they are all called from within StyleSheet.
/***\nCalendar\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n.calendar a { margin:0px !important; padding:0px !important; } \n/*}}}*/\n
/***\nStyles Editor\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n.editor textarea {height:200px;background-color:#F2F2F2;}\n\n.editorFooter .button { \n padding-top: 0px; \n padding-bottom:0px; \n background: #fff;\n color: #000; \n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 2px solid #ccc; \n margin-left: 3px;\n padding-top: 1px;\n padding-bottom: 1px;\n padding-left: 5px;\n padding-right: 5px; }\n \n.editorFooter .button:hover { \n border-top: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 1px solid #ccc; \n margin-left: 3px;\n padding-top: 1px;\n padding-bottom: 1px;\n padding-left: 5px;\n padding-right: 5px; }\n/*}}}*/\n
/***\nTo use, add {{{[[Styles HorizontalMainMenu]]}}} to your StyleSheet tiddler, or you can just paste the CSS in directly. See also HorizontalMainMenu and PageTemplate.\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n\n#topMenu br {display:none; }\n#topMenu { background: #39a; }\n#topMenu { padding:2px; }\n#topMenu .button, #topMenu .tiddlyLink { padding-left:1em; padding-right:1em; color:white; font-size:115%;}\n#displayArea { margin: 1em 15.7em 0em 1em; }\n\n/* just in case want some QuickOpenTags in your topMenu */\n#topMenu .quickopentag { padding:0px; margin:0px; border:0px; }\n#topMenu .quickopentag .tiddlyLink { padding-right:1px; }\n#topMenu .quickopentag .button { padding-left:1px; border:0px; }\n\n\n/*}}}*/
/***\nStyle Message Area\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n#messageArea { \n background-color: #eee; \n border-color: #8ab; \n border-width: 4px; \n border-style: dotted; \n font-size: 90%; \n padding: 0.5em; \n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n#messageArea .button { text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold; background:transparent; border:0px; }\n#messageArea .button:hover {background: #acd; }\n/*}}}*/\n
/***\nStyles SideBarOptions\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {\n border: 0px solid #ccc; \n background-color: #eee;\n margin: 0px;\n margin-left: 0.5em;\n padding: 0px;\n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel .tabSelected{\n border: 1px solid #ccc; \n background-color: #fff;\n margin: 0px;\n padding-top: 5px;\n padding-bottom: 0px;\n padding-left: 2px;\n padding-right: 2px;\n -moz-border-radius-topleft: 1em; \n -moz-border-radius-topright: 1em;}\n\n#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel .tabUnselected{\n border: 1px solid #ccc; \n background-color: #eee;\n margin: 0px;\n padding-top: 5px;\n padding-bottom: 0px;\n padding-left: 2px;\n padding-right: 2px;\n -moz-border-radius-topleft: 1em; \n -moz-border-radius-topright: 1em;}\n\n#sidebarOptions { \n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 3px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 3px solid #ccc; \n padding: 0.5em; \n margin: 0.5em; \n -moz-border-radius: 1em; }\n\n#sidebarOptions .button {\n margin: 1px;\n border-color:white;\n border-top: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 2px solid #ccc; \n}\n\n#sidebarOptions .button:hover {\n color: #000;\n background: #fff;\n border-top: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-left: 2px solid #ccc; \n border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; \n border-right: 1px solid #ccc; \n}\n\n#sidebarOptions .button:active {\n color: #000;\n background: #fff;\n}\n/*}}}*/\n
/***\nTo use, add {{{[[Styles TagglyTagging]]}}} to your StyleSheet tiddler, or you can just paste the CSS in directly. See also ViewTemplate, EditTemplate and TagglyTagging.\n***/\n/*{{{*/\n.tagglyTagged li.listTitle { display:none;}\n.tagglyTagged li { display: inline; font-size:90%; }\n.tagglyTagged ul { margin:0px; padding:0px; }\n.tagglyTagging { padding-top:0.5em; }\n.tagglyTagging li.listTitle { display:none;}\n.tagglyTagging ul { margin-top:0px; padding-top:0.5em; padding-left:2em; margin-bottom:0px; padding-bottom:0px; }\n\n/* .tagglyTagging .tghide { display:inline; } */\n\n.tagglyTagging .button { display:none; margin-left:3px; margin-right:3px; }\n.tagglyTagging .button, .hidebutton { color:#aaa; font-size:90%; border:0px; padding-left:0.3em;padding-right:0.3em;}\n.tagglyTagging .button:hover, .hidebutton:hover { background:#eee; color:#888; }\n.selected .tagglyTagging .button { display:inline; }\n\n.tagglyLabel { color:#aaa; font-size:90%; }\n\n\n.editLabel { font-size:90%; padding-top:0.5em; }\n/*}}}*/\n
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A TiddlyWiki is like a blog because it's divided up into neat little chunks, but it encourages you to read it by hyperlinking rather than sequentially: if you like, a non-linear blog analogue that binds the individual microcontent items into a cohesive whole. I think that TiddlyWiki represents a novel medium for writing, and will promote it's own distinctive WritingStyle. This is the ThirdVersion of TiddlyWiki, which adds several NewFeatures. There are also several TiddlyWikiAdaptations by other developers based on earlier versions.
[[TiddlyWikiTips.com]] is a tips site developed by [[Jim Barr]] to provide Tips for TiddlyWiki users. [[TiddlyWikiTips.com]] is hosted on [[Flexihostings.net|http://flexihostings.net]] and uses TiddlyWiki.
Here are The TiddlyWiki Tips! \n\nClick on a Tip title at the left to open it. \n\nTips marked with a ({{{*}}} were either submitted or inspired by [[TiddlyWikiTips.com]] visitors!
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