under even more constant deconstruction type non making

since oh, maybe...

April 11th 2006 or even further back before anyone had working web video

This site was closed to the general public you know.

but re-opened again in November 2008 (-:

Just for you really..

Welcome.. here's me below- clevercelt !


Wots Dat Mean ?


and ....


now that you are here...


You could pretend to read this old imaginary magazine while waiting:

clevercelt mag


That's what I do, write and make stuff for me, myself and whoever else might want it.

.... all the other things below are just meters and yolks and stuff ....

Here's a sort of site menu

Don't ever forget real people.

I like occassional statements in RED



(but This green website design seems strangely familar somehow)


Website traffic meter above

Dats Gas

Gas Meter

give a what




( Hmmmm. Just can't quite place This website design scolling - small words - green technique)



add it up

How could you measure sound advice like the above!





'technique' is that too strong a word ?







With A sound advice meter

sound advice



Then there's a parking meter:


more meters



and a reflection of my attitude towards them as expressed by





mister Johnny Cash (R.I.P.)







I almost remembered where I think I might have seen this design style before

there was green links

or a special tone or subject matter

or maybe lack of style - or design sense - doesn't the following image

strike you as perhaps just a little tad nonsensical, in terms of marketing communications,

i.e. - like that long awkward sentence above, there had to be a better way of saying it....







Now that's an offer I can't refuse - 20% off everything in my own shop - wow - I hope

I have enough stock, because with that deal, I'm going to just Buy Buy Buy.




Bye Bye 4 now




I really am going this time.






no you close the browser window






go on....








nope nothing left to see down here...










see told ya.




look proof - nothing











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