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Welcome again to clevercelt.com web 8.0

please don't ask as no one knows what is really going on

Ocassionally web pages around here undergo deletions or updates or both

nothing overly planned it just may have something got to do with personality, or maybe lack of it.

There was a passable temporary homepage on here up until about mid-may

but even that seems to have gone

Why couldn't I invent Goggle or Amazeaton or something that makes sense

or makes money

Then I could have paid someone else to think this all up and sell it to me.

But then if the opportunity to add friends and people I met out and about,

regularly and electronically, swap stories and images with them

were available, I could just have called this clevercelt.com 2.0

Yet I'm still working on getting my bulletin board working

I did have choices to make, keep going or

somehow revise the whole

spirit of the old






Maybe I could devise a whole revised info and entertainment principle with added gusto and flair,

finding the courage and motivation to name and brand it clevercelt.com web 3.0

which revision would mean having to invent new technologies

while converting users and readers towards a new

revitalized mind set of liberation

free from the bondage

of dire corporate





Oh but then there's also the option of

clevercelt.com web 4.0

which would mean offering free access to those free technologies.. hmmmm


Then how's about

clevercelt.com web 5.0

Which wouldn't mean anything really except perhaps a profitable cycle of upgrades

of those still propriety 'free' technologies I might have been forced to invent to

populate the balance sheet after the initial web.30 crash.

So a couple of crashes, very little genuine invention

and things are already looking on the up

here's to an upgrade from 5.0

before I can even

get there.



I immediately disregarded the idea of

clevercelt.com web 6.66

the internet of the beast and an obvious precursor to the apocalypse

does very little by way of potential consumer sentiment

or indeed future upgrades, as apparently there

isn't going to be any sort of future

for any kind of customer or

indeed any of kind

of us or



Which made me strongly consider getting lucky and honest

with readers, viewers, reviewers, non customers,

visitors, surfers, ultimately suggesting

clevercelt.com web 7.0


but even I saw through that one as a mere marketing ploy.

so I've settled on clevercelt.com web 8.0

because fundamentally i genuinely don't give two funks about making money from this site

and eight is my favorite number.

and sometimes I like not only the shapes of various words

and oddly shaped paragraphs

and their constituant green text

but also ideas and

real people



Don't ever forget real people.


I suppose the bottom line is I get tired looking at all of those web sites that look and

sound the same as each other, with each wave, where's the fun in any of that ?


now why would anyone in their right mind want to copyright stuff like this ? 2008 (c) clevercelt.com

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